MOBA Prime World Shutting Down After Seven Years

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Nival's Prime World launched in 2014, an event we covered on the site ... and that looks to be the last time we covered Prime World. As we covered Prime World at its apex, we now cover it at its zenith, as the free-to-play MOBA is shutting down tomorrow, March 31.

As Nival said in its post announcing the event, the sci-fi game's "'sun' is cooling down, the 'galaxy' is gradually slowing down its rotation." Poetic, to be sure. In-game payments were disabled March 1, and players could enjoy major discounts in the range of 95% throughout the month.

If you are/were a Prime World fan -- and judging by the game's numbers, there weren't many of you -- all hope is not lost. Nival is working on a mobile game, Prime World: Defenders 2, described as "a mix of tower defense and card collectible genres, with the same art style and in your favorite setting." That sounds like the stereotypical mobile game, just as MOBAs were en vogue in the early part of last decade, so you have to give Nival credit for at least sticking to a strategy.

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