Russian F2P Halo Online Cancelled

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Halo 4 Free To Play Alternatives - CloneAttack 2

Remember Microsoft's experiment with a free-to-play Halo Online that was only available in Russia? Well, the experiment is now over, with the game never legitimately sniffing a Western release.

According to a post on the Halo Online page of Russian social media network VK... well, we'll let you parse through the Google Translate results:

Halo Online Russian Translated

It looks like the game, which Gamasutra reported as being a collaboration between Halo dev 343 Industries and Russian publishers Innova Systems and Saber Interactive, never even made it out of closed beta. It seems they just couldn't master Halo Online's chief obstacles to get the game to a wider release.

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ASD 7 years ago
I was never a fan of halo but this would of been a cool thing to see in my opinion.

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Kian Grey 7 years ago
tbh this is sad but, we already use Anvil Online so like this is kinda whatever tbh, i love halo but it seems like the modding community always gets things done faster than the developers, smh...

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