Save Trove’s Bees During The Spring Fling Event

The bees will even help you out in the Permafrost and the Medieval Highlands.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Trove Spring Fling Bee

Spring is here and that means bees. It also means the return of Trove's Sir Dapper Duckington and his Spring Flingers. The Spring Fling event includes a seven-step quest in which players try to help save the bees. An event means rewards and collectibles, including new mounts, a Bee Buddy Ally, and more.

Players can purchase revamped Spring Flingers at the event hub and they will last throughout the year. The Spring Flingers are thrown to spawn flowers, as usual, but will also offer the opportunity to head to the Medieval Highlands and Permafrost zones, where the Bee Buddy Ally can be spawned.

Players are encouraged to watch out for Waspiders in the Permafrost. They feature a new drop table and all-new rewards for the MMO. The event runs from today until May 16.

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