dragomon hunter

In the immortal words of Professor Farnsworth, “Bad news, everyone.” And it is, for fans of Dragomon Hunter.

Due to declining player numbers, Aeria Games has decided to shutter the game after just 17 months. On June 29, the game will close for good. That means fans have a month to get all their playtime in before saying goodbye.

To ease the pain a bit, Aeria Games is making a few adjustments that will give players access to pretty much everything at almost no cost. As of today, all cash shop items can be purchased for 1 AP each while any AP spent on the game in May and June will be refunded to players as Bonus AP. In addition to that, Aeria Games is also giving 500 extra AP to anyone who registered an account on the game before May 20th, so long as they log in during June. All AP will be sent by June 30.

As an additional bonus, the developer will also be including orange quality items in all Falcon Fortune refreshes, no DP needed.

Keep in mind that as of today, ticket support for the game has been closed. Otherwise, if you’re a fan, get in there and enjoy it as much as you can.

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  1. Well, the Game wasn´t even a Game that was made with Love. I Noticed a lot of Glitches in it too like sometimes when i was Riding a Specific Dragomon in my Hide it glitched me out of the Map ? Or when i sometimes used Potions they wouldn´t even work. This Game was the Last Chance for Aeria to show their Community that they aren´t any Money Machines but apparently they are 🙂

  2. the game had an awesome idea, every creature can be tamed as a mount, but i think the grind for the to happen was extremly to high. since it was a main theme of the game it should of been a bit easier to “catch” the creatures.

  3. All this hate Aeria game isent P2W you litterly dosent have to pay for anything. Its your fault for spending the Money on it lolz kids theese days

    • You sir. Are an idiot. It’s not about the people’s own choice to spend money on it, it’s about Aeria’s choice to provide crap service.

      And please, drop the “you kids” comment. It makes you sound like an even bigger kid.

  4. Aeria game what can you guys expect, lucky friends of mine and myself already avoid Aeria game for the sick of cash shop milking..
    They will keep defend themself even you have all sort of good reason..

  5. ya they say they will refund your ap but actually don’t I talked with them about it and they even stated themselves that my refund didn’t qualify for some reason even though it was listed on the months allowed for the refund… Don’t fall for their scams they will not follow through I ended up requesting charge backs because they simply wouldn’t comply to their own statements.


    Same cash shop milking story. Don’t worry the game will get a re-release and start the milking process all over again.

  7. This is becoming a trend for Aeriagames. They suck their titles dry, until nothing is left.
    On top of that, this 1 AP offer has been a normal occurrence for them after game closure. I hope their players aren’t too stupid to actually make use of this… Because Aeria purposely closes the game for an easy AP injection by their community. It’s a fast cash injection for them and they don’t even deserve it.


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