Just three years after the it launched, Scarlet Blade — the game known for its scantly clad, all-female playable characters — is shutting down. According to the announcement, the past year has been pretty hard on the team (and players); with things like server instabilities and a lack of content updates. There had also been a cutback on resources in order to save money.

The bulk of the game’s most recent problems are the result of a technical issue that stopped a content update and required the game to be rolled back. The dev team still has yet to pin down the problem.

As a result of these issues, the team has decided to put the game to rest on March 31. To make things up to those who are still playing the game, Aeria Games is offering a few things. First, all players’ payments in the game between January 1 and March 31 will be refunded to their Aeria Games account to be used in other games. This refund will take place after April 4.

While the game is still up, players can expect a 500% bonus on drop and XP gain. All mall items will be discounted to 1AP starting February 29.

Finally, the team will be offering players a Veteran Item Package that will help them get started in one of Aeria Games’ other MMOs: Echo of Soul. The package will include things like:

  • Level 35 Jump Item – reach level 35 in just one mouse click!
  • Two powerful Jewel sets (+8 Dull and +5 Lucid jewels)
  • One consumable package to boost your character once more
  • One awesome Pirate costume, one furious Goldskin Tyrannus mount and a fluffy Chestnut Lemur pet

For more details on the shutdown and what it means for the players, you can read the full post on the Aeria Games site.

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  1. i knew that happens i played this game but when you see the name aeria games and webzen dont expect good things its normal games shut down and die when they go to aeria games and webzen,the game was interestig,It was the first bold MMO I have ever seen with girls walking around almost naked,a focused game only female characters though after they have placed an update with male characters but yes this game in comparison to those mmorpgs who are launching today are nothing, they are a bit outdated the combat is tabtargeting if im not mistaken the graphics were cool too but… there are better mmorpgs to play.

  2. The game had potential… but like many games it was ignored for the cash. Many people say the game had no story but the story I saw was about each character trying to find its place in the war. At least that is what I got from the interactions the “Class Trainers” (and I use that terms very loosely) have with each girl. The one that stuck with me the most was the Shadow walker and the Punisher (I think that was the class for the assault rifle girl) The shadow walkers trainer was nearly killed by her commander when she disobeyed an order. He activated her fail safe and instead of just doing a one and done deal to simply hurt her… he left it on so it would torture her to death. She lived but she was horribly scared and unable to fight for a long time. It wasn’t until about the time s your character shows up (go figure) that some discovery is made to get her back into combat… after that I am not sure what happens.

    The Punisher is struggling with even trusting her trainer as the one teaching her (and the trainers commander) are both defects from the opposing faction. She then begins to question her own place among her comrades as she wonders if it is best to stand alone. I believe she also wonders if she herself would be willing to betray her comrades…

    The Sentinal is mainly trying to show everyone she isn’t just some cute wanna be.

    The Defender is being pushed to act rashly and go head long into battle because she is more the strong enough to defeat her enemies.

    The Medic… her trainer seems the craziest. I believe she actually is addicted to Dust to some degree or is power mad for it. The way she talks about it is kinda twisted. I believe that if any of them where to become evil it would be the Medic Trainer.

    Cyber Blade and the Whipper I have no I dea… I didn’t play Whipper that much and playing the Cyber Blade was weird cause syou still got that pervy dialog from the male NPC’s… which made the game seem very gay.

    Beyond trying to find something of a story I wasn’t totally interested in the game. I did spend some cash on it, so I put time into it. The graphics were decent, the boob jiggle on the female characters made things interesting (to say the least) but once the grind got to me I left. I fI had someone to play with I would of stayed but no one cared to try and figure out the story… not even the game makers.

  3. I love Scarlet Blade and i made alot of friends plus it was the beam of light and joy in my gray and miserable world…. i am saddend that i will never reunite with the precious friends i made in that game nor will i enjoy playing it again… but if i can make a wish… it would be Scarlet blade returned to life

  4. All I want to is I enjoyed this game so much and I’m so upset it shutdown. I played scarlet blade ever since it came out for three summers I enjoyed it the most, this was my memorable summer game and I’m so upset to see its closing I enjoyed this game so much. I met so many nice people just recently and it’s sad that this game had to come to its end….

    • What exactly was good about it? The graphics are dated, the quests are boring, there’s no story to speak of, and the music isn’t memorable. The combat is also generic too.

      • Only MMORPG that was shameless about its sexy content, I played it and loved it, I want some sex in my MMO within context and this delivered, it was raunchy in its language and it was entertaining

        I got bored of WOW, so I looked for something a little more sexy, I got bored of AION, yeah it was sexy, but took itself too serious, I got bored of plenty of MMORPGS, but this one managed a good mix of quirky sex within its story that kept me entertained

        I wanted shameless boobs, I got shameless boobs, what else is there to ask?? it gave me exactly what I was looking for without feeling “ashamed” for it

      • I myself love hotkey MMOs. Action MMOs tend to get repetitive and boring really quickly.

        While Scarlet Blade wasn’t the best MMO of all time, I found its gameplay and combat to be quite enjoyable.

      • Graphics are ehh ok, It had a qunique sci fi story unlike alot of other mmos I played. Although the quests can be quite nerving the fun dungeons and and pvp make up for it. I love the idea of sci fi battle babes killing aliens and each other.
        If anyone is interested in playing its open again on Vendetta, just got my SW to lvl47 and P to lvl39 😀

  5. The downfall of Aeriagames is upon us !!

    Ya its about time….. I bet they will hold on to Wolfteam till the bitter end as well..

    • IDK, I used to play Alliance of Valiant Arms since 2010, when it was still published by IJJI and after Aeria Games acquired it till 2015 and this game is still going pretty strong, although it’s ruined by the cash shop and on top of that it’s really getting old, I’ve switched my focus on Ghost in the Shell: First Assault, but still Aeria are far from entering a period of downfall, only time will tell.


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