Today, Jagex, along with developer Flying Wild Hog, announced their upcoming sci-fi looter-shooter Space Punks will be entering early access on Wednesday, July 14. The launch is an Epic Games Store exclusive and the first title to be released under Jagex’s third-party publishing program, Jagex Partners.

Following early access, the game is scheduled to enter Open Beta on PC sometime this winter with a console launch following in 2022. Founders packs are already available to purchase (for either $30 or $50) and include the Season 2 battle pass as well as additional items and entry to Early Access.

Space Punks is a top-down isometric ARPG with a little less fantasy and doom and a lot more space. Players take on contracts on unknown planets in an ever-changing game world. Earn glory and riches and make a name for yourself and use some really cool weapons to do it.

Those interested in checking the game out can do so now on the Epic Games Store — or via the game’s official site.

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  1. Timed exclusive, eh? I guess by the time the game’s stable, they’re gonna release it on Steam, so that’s good.


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