Infinite Fleet is an upcoming free-to-play sci-fi MMO being created by developer Pixelmatic and published by Exordium. It promises player-driven adventure in a procedurally generated galaxy inhabited by hostile aliens calling themselves Atrox. You’ll have a wide range of starships and technology at your disposal, and Pixelmatic isn’t skimping on the lore, producing a series of chronicle entries, giving insights into the people of that universe and their lives.

The game itself is still in the early alpha stages, and you can see some sample gameplay here, but what the Infinite Fleet is really hoping to generate interest is its innovative approach to fundraising. The game’s early supporters will receive not only the usual in-game perks, but also actual equity in the game’s publishing company, including profit-sharing rights. That’s being handled via a Security Token Offering, which will offer equity in the publisher, and therefore a share in the company’s profits.

That’s assuming the game is successful and turns a profit, of course, so all of this is presented with the usual caveat emptors that come with any investment opportunity. (The game is also getting funds from “prominent crypto industry leaders.”) Still, it’s probably no worse a risk than any kind of gaming fundraiser, like Kickstarter, and this one carries with it at least some possibility that you’ll get something out of it when it all comes to fruition.

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