March into April usually heralds the addition of Easter or Spring themed events in many MMORPGs and Ubisoft’s The Settlers Online is no exception. That isn’t all that’s on the horizon for the free to play strategy game though. Updates throughout 2015 are set to add new ways for players to increase their land mass, new scenarios that focus on economic challenges, and of course, an Easter Egg hunt.

If you’ve been trying to expand the space you have to grow your settlement, The Settlers Online dev team has heard your complaints. They will be adding new tools that will allow you to shape your existing settlements and give you more space in which to build new structures. The upcoming Mountain Buff will allow you to demolish those beautiful but space taking mountains. Level the land and you’re free to add buildings on the freed up space. Other land growing tools will be added later.

If battle wasn’t enough for you and you were seeking actual economic challenges, look forward to some new scenarios being added to the title that provide new challenge types to the game. Even the upcoming Easter event will provide new achievement opportunities and a special structure that can hold up to 180 settlers. This structure will ONLY be available during the event and its capacity is determined by your ability to gain event achievements.

If you want to check out The Settlers Online, head on over to the website and get started.

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  1. Too repetetive and battles military battles sucks, not like in single player game, all battles predictable, you can find guides in web how much units u need for each battle, these reasons make me quit, im bored to destroy and rebuild full map of mines and stuff each day, its not a game but 2nd work.


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