Yep, that’s about it. There really isn’t much to say here. Ubisoft’s free to play strategy title, The Settlers Online, is now available on Steam. This release comes with all of the usual features of Steam that you would think including chat through Steam and trading cards. That’s it. Nothing more to say.

If for some reason you want to check it out, here’s the Steam Page which is already getting hammered by reviews including my personal favorite “Pros: Uninstaller Works.”

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  1. bullshit on August 22, 2015

    its a browser game WTF

  2. Remb on August 20, 2015

    Valve has no concern for QC I guess. They let pieces of garbage like this slip by. Soon they will end up like Android’s app store: thousands of pieces of trash hiding the very rare and few gems that exist.

  3. Merkadis on August 20, 2015

    As long as morons will continue to greenlight garbage like this it will continue to appear on steam to pollute it..

  4. Razer on August 19, 2015

    Another one comes over from Faecesbook to pollute Steam’s storefront.

  5. TORK on August 19, 2015