gPotato announced its newest project, fusion-fantasy MMORPG SEVENCORE. Having been shown behind closed doors at Gamescom 2011 and gaining a hugely positive reaction, Gala Networks Europe has released all currently available information and assets available to the public.

Developed by new studio Noria, helmed by industry veterans, SEVENCORE brings together narrative, extensive customisation and fusion-fantasy elements for a standout, story driven MMORPG. Gala Networks Europe has released two videos; the first one to explain SEVENCORE and the company’s unique creative partnership with Noria, which will see operator and developer working in close harmony, and a short gameplay video to give a taste of SEVENCORE’S vibrant world and distinctive gameplay design.

SEVENCORE will immerse gamers in a deep and engaging storyline that will evolve via expansions. The narrative will be distilled through quests and NPCs, and each race and faction will experience the story differently based on their own unique in-game history and culture. As they progress, players will be able to piece together the events and motives behind the game’s world history that shapes their daily gameplay, until they understand the bigger picture and ultimately become a force to change the future of SEVENCORE’s universe.

SEVENCORE’s gameplay will feature in-depth customisation of characters but has a unique emphasis on mounts, offering players the chance to ride both animal and mechanical variants. Players will engage in combat via these mounts, harnessing a range of special abilities they grant as players level up, as well as a variety of exciting options to suit the player’s personal style.

SEVENCORE’s distinctive fusion-fantasy art style will set the game apart visually from every other MMORPG. Each race and faction draws on their cultural diversity to bring unique spells, armours and weapons to players as they charge into the accelerating conflict that threatens the game’s world.

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  1. The graphics looks rubbish for a new game. Combat seems slow, movment seems slow too. Too little world details, Like grass, Rocks etc, Also…Mounts looks odd..Hope theres good pvp, The AoE skill in the trailer was nice, By the big guy with the flamethrower…But yeh I’ll probably check it out.

    • Not to be rude or anything. But the whole beeing the first to comment and write “first” “1st” is just really childish :p If your going to leave a comment, atleast leave something that might be interessting or atleast related to the article.


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