There’s more to Conqueror’s Blade than, well, conquering. But sometimes you’ll just need to lay the smackdown on an opponent, cracking open his castle like an egg and getting to the (relatively) soft and juicy parts inside. That’s what the latest trailer for Booming Games and’s medieval warfare simulator explains in graphic detail: the world of siegecraft.

From my experience playing the game, I’d say the trailer accurately covers the major aspects of a castle siege. You’ll start by wearing down the defenses with your siege engines. Then you’ll direct your troops to where they’ll be most effective, and finally charge into the fray yourself while being wary of overextending and getting into trouble. And that part in the trailer about the enemy defending “murderous gateways” is 100% accurate. Nothing will ruin your day more than charging into a breach and taking a cannonball to the dome, which I did more than once.

Following a series of closed siege tests, Booming Games is “Readying themselves for the first full closed beta” in North America and Europe, so you’ll be able to charge onto the battlefield in short order. You can sign up for it now on the Conqueror’s Blade website, and we’ll have more details — along with the ubiquitous Founder’s Packs — when they become available.



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