Sigh...Kritika Online Is Attempting Yet Another Release, At Least This Time It Won't Have P2E Crap

Seriously, how many times does a game need to fail before we just let it die?

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief Posted:


Yeah, when we speculated if the "third time would be the charm" for Kritika Online back when it launched, well, for the third time, we were obviously being sarcastic. The MMO has literally failed three times already, so color me confused when Valofe revealed today that they're planning to release the title for a fourth time...albeit without the P2E, crypto crap included in the initial version of the 3rd release.

To be honest, Valofe doesn't exactly have a glowing reputation for "saving" games gone by. Hop over to the company's games page and you'll see titles like C9 and Riders of Icarus. They've certainly had their day in the sun at times, but honestly, it's kind of amazing that they're still running at all. While we don't expect much more than Kritika being, well, online, Valofe is claiming they'll be making improvements like fatigue updates, numbers balancing, and a few reworks in some areas/dungeons.

We have no clue when Kritika: Zero is releasing besides the "soon" advertised in the trailer below.

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justsomeguy 1 month ago
Valofe's whole thing is picking up old Korean developed games, that their publisher no longer wants. Having played some of their games now for a few years, or so, I can say they are okay, but nothing that great.

As for Kritika, their first global release was handled by En Masse, but they fiddled with a LOT of things in it, so honestly, it was destined to fail, which it did, in less than two years. Next the developer, ALLM, launched Kritika: REBOOT, which was more like it was in Korea, that lasted less than three years, when Com2uS convinced them that they'd make it more popular. The Com2uS version, Kritika Global, was set up as a play to earn/NFT/crypto thing, it again changed a lot, was a complete mess, and destined to fail, which it did, in about a year.

Honestly, if not for being enticed by Com2uS, the Kritika: REBOOT version would likely still be active. The Valofe version I rather expect to be more like Kritika: REBOOT, but they have mentioned changing things somewhat. Although if I were to guess, since each version has required people to start over from scratch, due to how different each were, Kritika: ZERO may have some sort of expedited progression through the bulk of its content, plus it seems to be starting with a more recent build of the game, rather than starting over from the initial build. They used to indicate a 2024/01/25 launch date, but later changed that to "coming soon," but since the pre-registration thing ends in January, they're still likely aiming for something around the end of January.

kimzxj 2 months ago
i actually played the 2nd re-release of kritika with an old system, i loved that game (release itself wasnt too bad cash-shop wise compared to the next re-release)
then i got a new computer, which cant run kritika cuz its too outdated,,,
otherwise i would try this re-release but i doubt that situation has changed,,,
i also played alot of c9 earlier this year, which i actually felt was kinda better than vindictus, but fomo, i got to level 40+ and even though i wanted to play more it started to become a pain to level up alone,,,

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