Ironclad Games presents a real-time fantasy strategy experience like no other: Sins of a Dark Age. From the studio that brought forth the genre-blending gem and 2008 PC Game of the Year, Sins of a Solar Empire, comes a new strategy hybrid focused on team-based “Hero and Commander Strategy” gameplay.

In Sins of a Dark Age, players join an online team consisting of one Commander and a small group of Heroes who work together to accomplish a specific scenario goal. Go head-to-head against an enemy team in a short, fast-paced multiplayer match or work cooperatively against the AI in custom scenarios. Earn rewards for yourself and your clan, climb in ranks, and watch and share your most glorious replays. Players can choose from an ever-growing pool of heroes, commanders and factions each of which supports unique capabilities.

Choose the Hero role and you will face the enemy on the front lines as the most inspiring and powerful member of a mighty army. Your success in battle will be well rewarded with experience, unique abilities, and game changing items that will make you an ever greater symbol of power on the battlefield and a critical rallying point for your commander’s army.

Choose the Commander role to devise the master plan for your empire: you’ll oversee your grand army in an epic battle against your most voracious enemies. As Commander, you’re responsible for building your base, directing your peons and positioning your defenses. It’s up to you to properly train your units and use them to support your team’s Heroes in calculated assaults on enemy positions and to capture key resources. The Commander role allows players to call upon larger-than-life ‘Realm Powers’ to turn the tide of battle.

Sins of a Dark Age is easy to learn and accommodating to both new and veteran players of any strategy genre and is designed to minimize griefing and other common causes of hostility in the community. The innovative match design means never missing out on a match or a session being ruined by players dropping out: instantly rejoin games or jump into shorthanded battles to save the day and earn bonus rewards for yourself and your clan.

With leaderboards, stats tracking, online replays, spectating, kill-cam moments and plenty of post-release content in the form of Heroes, Commanders, Factions, Units, Maps and Skins, Sins of a Dark Age is free-to-play strategy gaming elevated to the next level.

Find out more at and register to reserve your name and for a chance to win a beta slot!


  1. We have almost no information at this point, you can go join in over at their forums we are talking rather indepth about we are hoping too see with this game, learning little tid bits, and they are establishing a pretty mature environment too discuss it.

  2. Looks promising 😀

    If i’m right, it reminds me of Savage 2. It can be played 2 ways: strategic and action.
    Basicly, each team choses a “Strategist”, who builds buildings, recruits npc mobs. And there’re some “Heroes” aka Players, who just play a 3rd person slasher action game (which is quite fun).
    The main goal is to destroy the opposing team’s fortress…

    I LOVED Savage, and this one looks even MORE promising. Definitly going to trace the game a bit!

    • Loved savage too. An old space game named allegiance was also set up like this but most people don’t remember that game.

      Hopefully its a lot like savage.


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