Yo dawg, we heard you liked some Ascension Atlas, so we put some Ascension Atlas in your Ascension Atlas…

OK, technically it’s called the Divine Atlas, and it’s unlocked after your Skyforge character achieves his or her Divine Form via the regular Ascension Atlas. It’ll be included in the Crucible of the Gods update that goes live tomorrow, and the dev team found just enough time to squeeze out a blog piece on the new advancement path.

The Divine Atlas works like the other parts of the Ascension Atlas, with immortals using Sparks of Insight and a new resource, Celestial Sparks, to advance. Within the Divine Atlas are six nodes that grant additional benefits and — surprise! — yet another Atlas, to advance players’ capabilities in things like crafting or PvP. It makes sense that Allods Team is based out of Russia, because Skyforge progression is starting to look like those one-inside-another Russian nesting dolls


  1. If you whining about a game having no content and said game is still in Beta. It just means your are a horrible, if not the worst gamer. That means you represents the opinions of those who get heard, but should not ever be heard.

  2. At close to 4k prestige, I unlocked slayer. Now at 6.2k prestige, I still only have like half my usable skills with about 3 active skill slots still blank. But I don’t care, because I’m bored beyond belief.

    • Its something which I learned through some experience .There are sparks of evolution which you get that need to be saved for the class you are unlocking so as to get your skills asap.

      I can bet you wasted that on your base class(Pala/Cryo/LB). šŸ˜›

    • Actually u did it wrong,the progression I mean.I did the same.Actually you get some Sparks of Enlightenment (the yellow ones) which you should have stacked instead of used it in your base class whichever you picked be it pala/cryo/LB.

      Those sparks unlock ANY node in ANY class so they should be saved for the class u want to unlock skills for.

  3. To be honest I unlocked witch and I was like whats the point in this game it really has no unique aspect other than, grind hit your cap, grind hit your cap, grind hit your cap, or pvp, the game isn’t truly open world as they say, which is even more disheartening. But idk skyforge is just one of those games where I feel personally won’t be popular long once people realize you don’t get much in new content as you wind up grinding out the same crap dungeons that you unlocked early in the game.

    • same here, i was hyped when unlocked witch then i realised that it was pointless, the question “so, what now?” came to mind mind right after, what else is there to do? really nothing, i mean, you will just do the same thing over and over again. Tbh i didnĀ“t stop playing since the start of open beta (what i mean is that i didnĀ“t skip a day) till the week 3, then i slowly stoped playing, i havenĀ“t log in the past 3 days and probably wonĀ“t do till the update.

      i donĀ“t think SF will close or anything like that but it will fall into the “just another game” category pretty soon.

      • While I agree the game is grind-fest atm.But the game is in open beta.BETA itself symbolize that the game is not yet completed for launch.

        That being said,the new update is coming today which adds more features to game like guild activities,prestige scaling,pvp overhaul,Divine form(god form) and much more.

        I believe you should not just give hope and brand this game “just another game” since more updates we will see as the game matures.

        Lastly I believe this game is one the most TRUE NON P2W MMORPG on the market right now.The premium is also not very strong compared to other games since there is a LIMIT to the currency/sparks.

      • I love how people complain that it’s repetitive. Seriously guys, all the mmos are repetitive. Lvl up , get ur gear, do pvp, do some bosses (again and again and again) and that’s all. One of the best MMOS ever made Lineage 2 was a grind fest, Black Desert that everyone is hyped for, its gonna be a grind fest. And the cap is a good thing, and I’t wont stop you being a hardcore player, but players didn’t understood that the order is a big part of the game.


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