We don’t have a date for Skyforge’s first major update post open beta launch yet, but we do know quite a bit of the details that will be included in the free to play MMORPG’s update thanks to a dev dairy released today by the team.

First up on the Version 0.65 update list are Distortions. Pantheons (guilds) will be able to mark places on the tactical globe allowing groups of 10 fellow Pantheon members to tackle raid like content in the form of 4 bosses that reward epic level weapons and push characters towards achieving their Divine Form.

Next, Invasions pave the way for new content for all players as enemies prepare to try and take over certain areas of the world. Successfully repelling invaders nets players bonus advancement through their Divine Atlas that does not count towards your weekly caps.

It’s an interesting approach to player concerns over the weekly caps. While they won’t be totally removed, content being added that doesn’t count towards those caps may help assuage some player concerns out there.

Raid content, Anomalies, and Divine Form progression are also being added while the Aelinet communications system will also get some badly needed love to address chat and Pantheon issues.

Now we sit and wait for a release date announcement.

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  1. Skyforge summed up: Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind some more, kill everything in a the small open world (repeat if you can bare to), grind the same instances over and over, grind, grind, grind.

    The classes and combat are fun, animations and looks are very slick, but ultimately not worth spending your life on due to the utterly repetitive nature of the game.

  2. ok who ever saying pay to win in this game is stupid i been playing game from early access let me break down thing why it is not pay to win premium like monthly subscription is not must you don’t need it if your hard core player it is for casual player so that reach limit . yes there cash credit conversion which used correctly can get you higher prestige you know what happen those guys they do everything alone it take them 5 hours queue to get in pvp match they regret it so much now but there also limit to how much they earn credits every week cap rise skyforge is now having problem with the community people hate caps or limit they don’t wait each cap raises i active player in that game let me tell one thing the game is very good you know it is different from all other they restrict so that you have time to do other thing lvling or prestige is not only thing in game. look around there a lot of thing like order and guild(pantheon). this patch is going ix many of those thing in pve and pvp hurting experience . first game they wanted money in start just bring game good opening it one of the open beta ever they had just few problems you know they made game without healers no need alts or have problems with gold seller that’s hard thing to pull off if in game cash money they also gave that they have done everything right just because of caps or limit’s you hate this game that’s stupid and telling pay to win is calling your self brain less idiot .

  3. There will always be haters but supporters outnumber them. So many haters saying p2w while they don’t know how premium even works or have never played the games. It is and it will remain one of the best MMORPGs.

    • The only hater here is you. Doesn’t mean if you’re stating something = hater. true thaat new players can’t buy berserker class but founders have it that’s the whole point this game might not be p2w for you or for some but please before you come trash talk about haters mind looking up berserker Ascension atlas and others. You’re obviously not a good stat builder if you don’t even know which class gives good stats with low prestige.

  4. POO from rushit scum, its a pay to win plus premium like monthly subscription, ugly looking copy paste mmo , their last mmo was also same allods, dont support faking criminals, let scum pay for its own shi t

    • Nothing about this game is Pay to win, what are you talking about? You can get premium within a week by reaching credit cap.

  5. well the game was interesting just while doing the tutorial and that’s all, i really didin’t liked the idea of being forced to play unwanted classes, i’ve always loved the close combat so i decided to be berserker but man, only lasted 3 days of grind. I understand that it may be a cool feature for some ppl the idea of advancing through the game while unlocking classes, but that’s not for me

      • Really?Pay to something before you get to try,no thank you and whats the point of founder pack it’s totally ruining MMOs out there. Founder pack is now Access to CBT+ contents that other player can’t even get with money it’s more then p2w. try it paying money , or regret . Seriously…

        • Oh ya!!! why do you think MMO and games have revive… to retry not to regret. I’m sure not the only one regretting not buying founder pack for 4 classes extra start or 2. We don’t even have the option to buy classes with cash give me a break.

  6. I really like the features of skyforge – instant class swaping, atlas, having my own followers, combat system, but somehow I do not enjoy playing as much as I expected. The game feels very grindy


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