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More than 2 million characters have died from sheer clumsiness in Skyforge. For these immortals, the environment was anything but a friend… at least that’s what’s end of 2016 infographic tells us. The infographic also goes on to offer a wealth of other interesting tidbits about the game’s activity over the last year, including how many chat messages were sent — over 15 million — and how many fireworks players set off — over 4 million.

As you can see below, it also tells us that twice as many immortals were killed in PvE than PvP. We’re not sure if this is just due to more players being interested in PvE in general, but that’s a pretty big difference.


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  1. Massively nasty pay 2 win. Approximately 5 months and you have all classes maxed, all abilities learned, and from then on it’s only money for progress. money players demolish f2p virtually until the game is over due to the fact that there is a limitless number of events that produce paid advantages you cannot get as a f2p until months after the paid players have them.


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