At first glance, it would be easy to liken Skyforge’s Invasions to Rift’s, well, rifts. Don’t make that mistake. Where Rift’s events are brief and respawn somewhere pretty quickly, Skyforge’s Invasions are dynamic content on a much longer timeline…as in months.

Since the elder god Aeli disappeared, many other gods have been moving in on Aelion, trying to get their piece of the followers on the planet. As a god yourself though, protection of your followers and your planet is a priority. Invasions start with the planet’s early warning system notifying players that an Invasion is inbound. In the following days, initial events will appear on the Divine Observatory globe. These initial events will be smaller waves of inbound invaders that need to be taken out. Think of it as the “initial” ground forces testing the waters.

As the invasion progresses, more and more dynamic content becomes available for groups of 3, 5, and even 10 (raids) players. More types of missions also become available. Instead of just fighting off a wave of forces, you may be tasked with collecting intel from a crashed invader’s ship or to defend the planet’s anti-aircraft weapons. Conflict continues to rise until it’s time for players of higher prestige to take on the main invading bosses in their ships. This whole process can take months at a time and players of various prestige level can participate (FYI, prestige equalizing will be introduced in the next closed beta so it should be easier to find a group in game).

Should the players prevail, not only do individuals gain loot and gear themselves, but the world enters a Light Age where server wide buffs are applied for a week or so and the raid at the end of the invasion can be played for the same time period. Should they lose though, a Dark Age falls on Aelion and areas of the world will have invaders to deal with for a while.

Multiple Invasion types are already planned but we’ll be starting with the Mechanoid invasion. Check out the full breakdown for more details.

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  1. I do very much enjoy how in depth the concepts and back story appear to be. Its hard to find meaningful content now adays as well that correlates with immersion of the game. Alot of games seem to just piece together some dungeons with bosses that you have no idea why ur even killing them. So ill give them that. Going to try the game none the less. I loved Allods :\ before the p2w crap ofc (runes and patronage 5). It had alot of potential to make it far.

  2. o_o mama mia mario something gudoo.That story and awesum invasionsss,this is my first time i say something good about mmo’s:)).What can i say,they hyped me with this>.>hope it will be a good game after launch.Not like Crap-ageXD


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