Time to lock in your choice for the first class you’ll be playing when you jump into’s Skyforge at launch. Today, The Allods Team has revealed all 13 classes that will be available in the free to play MMORPG come launch time later this year.

Take a peek at the classes below and you can find a break down for each on the newly launched class reveal webpage.


For those of you keeping score, that’s 2 tank roles, 2 support roles (remember, no dedicated healer), and 9 damage dealing roles. You can, of course, switch classes on the fly in Skyforge so the usual “party balancing” issues from other games may not be too much of a concern, but hey, 9 damage classes is a TON of damage.

As is 13 wasn’t enough, The Allods Team will be adding new classes after launch. To me, that seems like a nice way to balance any potential role gaps the game has as players work their way to higher and higher content tiers.

I guess the only question to ask is which class you will be rolling first? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I got myself the cheapest pack because they so kindly offer the upgrade option if I would be interested in more later. I Hit my ultimate and have gotten to the last talent in my class. I am also not long from reaching the class I go for, Slayer. The so called p2w is based on the fact that using real money to get credits (which you can use for lots of things), by doing this, you can bypass the weekly limit and so progress faster. While it is true, it only allows for faster progress and not much more.

    A normal person will be quite busy reaching the caps of everything already. Once you reach cap in one thing, focus on something else etc, there’s lots of things to do and it’s only cbt. (I’m at 5k prestige for the record, started playing in 2d beta)

  2. I realy tryd to like this game tryd all betas, was loking forward to this game final stage, naw it’s just dosent feel right game play was okey, not much new then whats alredy outthere and the classes bit boring, the maps realy strickt one sided, wuld prefer an open world content world much more then smal zone instanse. kinda feel like vindecuz and tera merged! :/ is this only me ? ore do you guys feel the same? and ps sorry my crappy english

  3. Unfortunately a lot of these classes (all but 3) are pay to unlock, or about every 2-4 weeks you can unlock one new class (IF YOU BYPASS PROGRESS FOR YOUR MAIN CLASS) – meaning you have to do stuff for 2-4 weeks -just- to unlock one new class while not progressing your own.

    • You do not pay to unlock any of the classes in Skyforge. You must progress through the Ascension Atlas in order to reach the more advanced classes. Only the Berserker and Gunner are available early via the limited Founder’s Packs.

    • pay to unlock? where did you read that???? cause you only get berserker and gunner for the founders pack worth $60 nothing else you can get all the classes for free just by progressing the ascension atlas and it takes only 1 week to unlock your ultimate ability or less…

    • Ignorance is over the top as usually.

      1. You can not buy new classes with real money. Some preorder packages had two additional classes, that’s all.

      2. Class progression (beyond a certain point) and ascension atlas progression require different resources.


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