In the latest class reveal, the team behind Skyforge shows of the Gunner class. This ranged and AOE damage specialist takes to the field with a gun weapon that’s much more multipurpose than you usually see in MMORPGs. As a side cannon machine gun, the Gunner can mow down foes from a distance. The Gunner can then flip the gun up onto its shoulder and fire rockets from the other side of their weapon.

When things get dicey and the gunner can’t attack from a ranged distance, their weapon can act as a flame thrower to burn up the enemies as they close in. If all else fails, the gunner can throw their weapon down onto the ground and unleash a mortar attack on your enemies.

I have to say though that I LOVE the Gunner’s evasion skill. Chuck a grenade to a target location and the gunner will teleport to that spot. It’s a nice way to get out of danger and call in an air strike.

What do you think about the Gunner class? It is what you’ll be rolling first when you try out Skyforge? Let me know in the comments and check out’s full announcement here.

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