Was exoskeletons in Skyforge on your Christmas list? And by “exoskeleton” did you mean a new type of mount that provides you with special abilities, including the ability to use divine attacks and weapons? It was? Good, because that’s what you’re getting — along with some other things in the next update coming to PC tomorrow (December 22) and consoles on December 23.

The update introduces the Exoskeleton, which is made up of four modules that can be modified via the Transport tab. These modules consists of the base, back, arms, and legs — each of which offer different bonuses. The arms increase the durability of the exoskeleton, while the back makes it tougher and adds the ability to fly. Legs increase speed. They all offer other benefits as well, but that gives you a general idea.

Since the exoskeleton requires players to modify it, the update does include a system UI for just that. Players can continue to upgrade the mount over time, even procuring the highest quality modules via events of the current invasion. Speaking of the UI, the update does a little revamping of the overall UI, making it look a little more modern and high-tech, although you won’t have any issues finding everything because the position of buttons and tabs is the same.

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