About the game:
Title: Skyforge
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment

Skyforge is a free-to-play sci-fi MMORPG from the Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and where players will become gods to battle invading forces from space as well as other players.

In Skyforge, players will progress towards becoming gods. Using the Ascension Atlas, every class can become available to play on one character. The Ascension Atlas is broken into three colors of nodes, such as red for damage, green for defense, and blue for secondary stats and opening up new talents. Choosing a class at the beginning is just the first step in opening up the Ascension Atlas’s two levels. Gaining experience through quests unlocks more talents on the lower level while the upper level, once unlocked, can give access to learning new classes.

Progression is tied to prestige which is gained through completing quests, both PvE and PvP. Completing quests gives rewards such as money or gems while increasing prestige levels. Gaining more prestige provides greater rewards so quests can be completed multiple times with appropriate rewards. Combat is a mix between mouse and tab-targeting and PvP is tied to instanced areas and a matchmaking system.

Explosive Features:

  • Unique Class System
  • Stylish Aesthetic
  • Distinct Combat

News and Updates

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System Requirements

Skyforge Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 @ 2.6 GHz / Intel Core i5 @ 2.6 GHz
Video: AMD Radeon HD 4870/NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT 512 MB
HDD: 10 GB of available hard-disk space

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  1. Skyforge was so cool in the past when it had the Ascention Atlas and when you could also customize your class at your own liberty. I don’t know what it’s like right now but I’d say, either ways, that this is not a traditional mmorpg at all. I’m planning to reinstall it and see what it’s like currently!

  2. Originally I loved this game but it’s gotten old real quick…
    1. Highly repetitive game play. I’ve replayed so many squad and region missions that I have them memorized and just spam click my way through them.
    2. Highly glitchy.
    A. Group missions supposedly are scaled to the players who open them yet scaling is often broken with enemies so overpowered that even 250k Prestige players have been complaining about difficulty in a group setting.
    B. Also in Squad (solo) missions there are multiple overpowered enemy issues that randomly changes each time you play. Some enemies that have always fought as melee opponents are suddenly becoming ranged with no explanation (Donholk Glacier for example). Mid level bosses are often proving more difficult than the final boss and there is also the problem of advertised mission difficulty ( 3 Star Hard, 2 Skull Very Easy, etc) being highly inaccurate. For example you’ll often find missions that claim to be 2 Star Very Easy (one of the easiest advertised settings of the game) and yet once you start playing that mission you realize that you had an easier time playing the 3 Skull Normal mission 5 minutes ago than you are here. FYI the difficulty rating system goes Star then Skull then Fire.
    C. Mission crashes and enemies immune to damage glitches are becoming more common.
    D. Movement glitches are also becoming more common, enemies suddenly appear in places that showed no movement (and I am not referring to lag issues). Also a game glitch preventing character movement is happening more and more. Weapon Targeting is also being removed randomly according to enemy or player movement (without any button hit to remove targeting).
    E. Mission rewards are also becoming very glitched. Certain missions advertise a x2 or x3 reward but have been removing that modifier once the mission is started. A mission will also advertise a specific colored crystal as the reward but upon completion will instead offer a totally different reward that was not advertised.
    3. Customer Support is virtually non-existent. Screenshots or Video are required for any error submissions, Customer Support operators will respond to error reports saying that if a screenshot is not included of a past glitch then they will not forward the report on to the developers. There is also easy to use method of reporting inappropriate conduct from fellow players.
    4. Group requirements – Sure, this is an MMO and group play is kind of the point but the method in this game is to require group play for all God level rewards. If you want to play past becoming a God you HAVE to play in groups, otherwise you cannot progress. The grouping process is becoming longer and more difficult with such a high volume of group missions being needed and it is spreading players across too many missions. Frequently players are waiting 30 minutes or more just to get into a group large enough to enter a mission, but also frequently those groups fall apart within minutes of entry making those 30 minutes an absolute waste for no reward. Yes, this is a weakness to all MMO games but I have noticed the weakness is proving much more pronounced in Skyforge due to the fact that there are so many story and resource required missions that require large groups.

    I would give Skyforge a 2 1/2 Star rating.

  3. Ok so Skyforge…

    Still quite new, only recently became an official game. Still a lot of bug issues like: Game crashing, Game freezing, characters seeming like they’re skiing etc. The basics a new game has. Updates are quite big between a few megs to the biggest they had was 4. something GB big. But mostly are due to bug fixes, special events etc so better to have uncapped internet cause it’s a weekly update most of the time.

    Love the fact that you have to work for your classes. You get followers that all is linked to your god form/divine form and that you have to keep leveled up. I don’t perches money in games so accessing money is easy as you can sell items like the ones you use to upgrade your weapons or scrolls you use to level up your chapels of your adepts/followers as they give lot of credit for one. To level up you need a spark that you can buy at the shop and use it on your classes to finish them.

    Creating a character is a lot like creating one in the sims when you get to choosing a body and you are not limited to hair styles outfits etc or forced to buy it. You’re not limited with classes like other mmo’s Aura Kingdom where you are limited to only 2 classes. 1 character 14 different classes. I’m already at 49 000 prestige (their term of leveling) and only have 3 classes remaining to get. Been playing this game since open beta was already released (was July ’15 I started to play Aug ’15). Graphic wise I give a rating at PS3 Level (with the right graphics card). In events like Christmas, valentines etc or special events for your followers/Adepts you get special items that is used to buy special things in events and you are credit back for what you have left after the event has ended.

    Yes you might have to play things a million times but the fun and excitement you get out of it when you know your about to be closer to finish your current class or getting a new class is awesome. i really have nothing bad to say about Skyforge it’s an awesome game. Best mmo I’ve played thus far.

  4. I was very disappointed to discover I couldn’t even pick the class that I wanted, that’s a little tidbit that I didn’t find on their site.
    The game is also highly unstable with MANY players crashing over & over with no apparent reason. The list of “solutions” they have provided is ridiculously long and entirely ineffective. At this time the game isn’t even worth trying to play.

    • Then you are just plain lazy or want everything on a silver platter for you. That is what I love about Skyforge. You have to work for you classes and the story line is quite interesting.

  5. I like the cap limit. It assures me of catching up with veteran players. My friends reached 10K prestige and with the cap limit, they stop grinding and help me raise my still 4K prestige up even if it means I’m the only one getting the rewards and none for them. Maybe it’s good to play with friends. The limit helps me focus on my real life and keep me away from grinding much.

  6. This game is very deceiving so take caution before downloading. Here’s a few things you dont learn till putting a lot of time and effort into the game

    -Pantheons are required. Literally required. They are focusing the entire game around being in massive pantheons (as in 100+ people). Majority of content is available only to pantheons, that content is only obtainable once a pantheon upgrades their structures and resistances so far (meaning small pantheons will struggle to be able to keep everything up).
    -Some main parts of the game locked behind these pantheons are:
    -Character progression. Epic weapons drop in distortions only, these are only available to pantheons. Epic weapons are significantly better than the rest of the tiers in game.
    -God progression. You can not unlock any specializations for your god form without killing avatars in invasions. These avatars require an amount of resistance that can only be acquired in pantheons. This means that without a pantheon you will never get to really play your god mode, you’ll only get to use a “trial” version of it once a month.
    -Invasions. Most the invasions require an amount of restistance that can only come from pantheons. Invasions are a main part of the game.
    -Pantheon Wars. If you like to pvp you will have to join a pantheon with over 100 active members. Pantheon wars will be 200v200 and restricted to massive pantheons only.

    This game also requires a large amount of time investment, if you have a real life with responsibilities then turn away now. Premium will help those who dont live in skyforge reach their cap limits but that is all. Invasions are a grindfest competition where you grind for 24 hours (literally) and the top 10 players advance to the next bracket. Unfortunately after a couple brackets there is always 10 ppl who live no lives and grind all day making it impossible for others to even compete. Even if you play 8 hours a day there is a small chance of you being able to compete in the top half of the brackets. The rewards for these brackets contribute to your character progression and have a strong impact on your character. You also have a million different things you are supposed to grind for making it difficult to do all of them without investing a lot of time each week. The time investment is much more than any other NA mmo out there today (think of skyforge on a korean level of grind)

    This game is just a crap copy of RU skyforge. The devs for this version do nothing except break the game and create different scams. Skyforge will only progress here from the changes to RU skyforge and our changes will always after theirs meaning your going to be playing an “out dated” version.

    PvP is the biggest joke of the game. Balance is literally non existent and everything about it is out of control. It’s almost as if they never tested it (which they didnt for NA, i took part in the beta events and there was never enough time or the required resources to even come close to properly testing balance issues with it)

    The game starts at prestige 0 and ends at prestige 30k. You think it’d be the opposite and the game gets amazing late in the game, but it does not. Playing from 0-30k is very fun, you have a lot of content to play and pantheons are not required. After 30k however que’s are non existant so you have to solo everything and pantheons become required. Content becomes scarce and the game just feels horrible.

    Bugs, performance issues, are a big problem in the game. Most are continually ignored. And i mean that dev’s will always tell you “its your computer, not the game” even when 100’s of people report the same issue.

    Toxicity is promoted, reporting is frowned on. The first sign of this games failure is their report feature. It is literally hidden. You go to customer support, there is no report, you look up what the games violations are, read half way through, see a link that says to report abusers to customer support, click, theres the report page. Most people dont even know where to locate it. If that is not bad enough once you find the report page you are required to include a screen shot or video for anything you want to report. If you do not then you cant report. Problem is chat does not remain like other games, it disappears very often and frequently so reporting toxic behavior is now impossible. And yes it does have its affect on the game. Lots of people abuse the game because of this and because they know there is 1% chance of being reported.

    All in all. Skyforge was supposed to be a best mmo. The idea was right, the execution could not of gone any worse. This game has already lost most of its playerbase and is living on a thread. If you have a lot of friends you game with, download skyforge, if you need a short 1-2 week game to tide you over till something else arrives, download skyforge. If you are looking for an mmo to stay with, look elsewhere because skyforge will not give you that.

  7. Its not one of those games u can stick to and hang out around on unless u literally like the same thing over and over, by the time u get your class and its full skills your already doing things you have done like 300 times, it is pay to advance so if your friend has money they can get 2-3k prestige more than you and it will take you quite a while to catch up by that time in 1-2 days hes reached the cap and doesn’t want to play anymore.

        • LOL.. im refering to the lvl.. read why i comment fuktard.. LEVEL STUPID!!! LEVEL!!! BTW i got Berserker so i did play the game for a long time IF U KNOW WHAT I MEAN STUPID!

          • No shit. We know what YOU’RE talking about. Kaiteri was talking about what OP said and was correcting you. OP said nothing about level. Seriously, re-read what Jammers wrote. There is nothing about level there.

          • Bayag, you’re an idiot… He said nothing about a max level, you made that crap up to sound smart… and it failed, miserably because you got your ass handed to you.

    • It’s apparent this person has never played the game. Or else he/she would know that…..

      1. There are NO levels in this game.
      2. The soonest you can reach GOD status is 3-4 weeks.
      3. There is a CAP on how far you can advance per week.
      4. It’s not P2W. It’s got a crappy item shop right now.

      You will be stuck with the same classes for a while. Unless you don’t have a life and can spend most of your time playing this game. I will warn you right now though. Be prepared to GRIND… and when I say GRIND.. I mean GRIIIIIINNNNNDDD! You play the same levels over and over and over again. The DEV’s think we are stupid and try to say they made the game the way they did so we won’t have to run everywhere. Like other MMO’s.

      The truth is… it’s just an instanced based combat MMO similar to others like NEVERWINTER, TERA, but most closely relates to VINDICTUS.

      I will say though that the graphics are really good. I was amazed as the detail and quality when I first started playing. After that wore off… that’s when it started to go down hill.

      So.. in a nut shell..
      It’s a solid ACTION MMO. With a LOT of grinding and a LOT of time needed to get anywhere repeating the same levels.

  8. Wel if been playing since early launch and i have to say
    1.Ok its a bother that you have limits but the game is so mutch richer then that cap of sparks
    2. pvp is meh not fair with all the finishers and OP Lighbinders But its ok
    3. communety is all bad there are still alot of players who will help you even if the not benefit from it
    4.its not true action combate but still its not bad still fun
    5. OK its a grind but what game is not these days go with groups if you have a good pantheon and done
    6. Pantheon system ( guild system) is one of the best versions if seen so far the realy take it that you need to work to get you pantheon up to speed for wars etc.
    7. the game is not perfect far from it but its not bad and about the order yes its a kind of facebook game but it works in the system …..
    8.class system owke stop crying aaa i can’t play bezerker or necro from start live with it stop acting spoild and work for it…. we all had to get them by grinding

    overal Not a bad game it has its drawbacks but also positive points like every game

  9. zaazz boring game, 3 shitty classes, cant pick what you want without warframe grind for 3-4 weeks unless u happy with a basic class (unlockable during first week if you dont make mistakes…)

  10. There’s not much to do but the update coming does bring more, but here’s the issue. Skyforge is a game where it is partial Open world, where progression is limited by a cap limit. This being said hitting that cap limit does turn into a huge problem do to the fact that you will find yourself grinding the same map and dungeons over and over. Now even in the later game you will notice and find yourself doing some of the same dungeons you unlocked in the early game over and over and over for gear and so on and so forth. There is PvP but the queue’s are so long for that system, that there is almost no value or point behind doing it. There is really nothing special about this one, because I do myself like grind, but with multiple options as to what I can grind from. Sadly skyforge even with there upcoming update will still lack enough multiple resources, in which one can obtain there sparks. Overall you will more than likely find yourself growing tired of this game fast if you are not into grind and running the same dungeons or map over and over and over and over again.

  11. Really wanted to like this game, but after playing for about three weeks found it to be a major disappointment. I have a lot of issues with it:

    1) Although there are some open world areas, the game is mostly a rinse and repeat dungeons lobby game, and I loathe lobby games.

    2) Grindy in the extreme. As someone else so aptly noted, within an hour or two of playing they take you directly to the end game grind.

    3) The story is laughably bad and most players will find themselves not caring about it in the slightest. From what I understand Obsidian Entertainment had a hand in it, and if so it is a major disappointment from them. The story makes the GW2 story seem like Shakespeare.

    4) Sexist in the extreme, with the wiggling breasts taking the cake. The female NPC’s and player avatars are like some adolescent male’s highly sexualized and unrealistic view of women.

    5) No in-game guidance at all on how you should be building your character, and you can very easily gimp yourself. There is also the flaw some have pointed out where the Might attribute does not scale your dps well, resulting in an underpowered build. On a related note, more than a few players made b-lines in the grindy ascension atlas to classes they wanted to unlock and play, only to find after all their work that either they didn’t enjoy playing them, or worse, found them squishy in the extreme. I would also add that I am not a big fan of having to go to unofficial sources to find out what the correct builds should be. This info should be provided in-game by the developers.

    6) Training room and demo missions of player classes are a poor indicator of how the classes will actually play when you unlock them.

    7) Complications regarding builds make this game not casual friendly at all, and hardcore min-max players will boot you from their group without batting an eye if your stats don’t measure up.

    8) The game is very much one where the devs want you to play it a certain way; not the way you want to play. This is a big no no among mmo players these days.

    9) The Order System is like a third of your reputation, but it is not fun or compelling at all. Think of the Star Ttek Online duty officer or SWTOR crafting missions with very lame and unexciting rewards. Also, some key items needed to advance your Order are often tied to obscenely difficult five man dungeons. Again, the devs wanting you to play the game the way they want you to play, not the way you necessarily want to play.

    10) Skyforge claims to be a hybrid scifi/fantasy game with an emphasis on scifi, but frankly I saw very little scifi. The game’s classes and play styles are all very much your standard fantasy sword and sorcery tropes. No spacecraft to be seen anywhere.

    11) Although the open world instances are a much needed break from the rinse and repeat dungeons and they look pretty enough, they are filled with your usual kill x number of monsters and travel to and click/gather x items.

    12) I’m not the most religious person who ever lived, but I find their whole players as gods thing a bit odd and distasteful, and in any event there are a lot of squishy and/or little tin gods running around in the game. lol

    13) They push the silly Aelinet out-of-game system a bit too much. I know they are trying to fit in with the Facebook generation, but I want to play a game when I am actually logged in and playing it, not when I’m logged off. Out-of-game management and social systems should be totally unnecessary in an mmo.

    Anyway, Skyforge was one of the two mmo’s I was looking forward to this year, and all I can say after fleshing it out is bring on The Repopulation.

  12. I tested it , i disliked it from the start …BUT i decided to give it a fighting chance and experience the whole thing
    Have you ever played warframe ?…because if you have , this is just warframe with a fancy skin …nothing special or new about anything in this game
    i would not suggest anybody to try it , except you like hours and hours of grind to unlock a new class after which you do more grind to unlock another class , so you can grind some more to unlock a new class in an instance based world , which is not even open world ..

  13. I have been really really hangin out for this game and whe it come out as open beta i jumped right in. I’ve been “playing” (aka GRINDING) for nearly 2 weeks and have unlocked 2 classes – Slayer and Necro. In BOTH cases i was horribly disappointed and yes I did try them out in the training room 1st. My initial class was the Cryomancer but that became incredibly weak (ie dies a lot) so I tried the Lightbinder and to my surprise it turns out to be a pretty good and strong class (at least as far as I’ve gone which is only about 6500 prestige). Overall the game looks really nice and the different regions/instances all look great – but – the mobs fall into just 2 categories, the mechanoids and the rat-type monsters, all with slight variations but essentially you get to fight the same monsters over and over and over and over ….. forever. The entire game is a massive grind fest. You find yourself revisiting the same “zones” time after time in an attempt to “farm” the resources you need to progress your character – sparks (mainly). Well – I’m used to grinding in nearly all mmo’s and half expected it in skyforge as well but what I didn’t expect was the intensity of it and the difficulty of the fights. Games are supposed to be FUN – and fighting mini-bosses that take 10 mins to kill while you just run around in circles spamming the same buttons in an attempt to just outlast your opponent and very often failing is not my idea of FUN. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the core of the entire game and due to the repetitive nature of the whole game it means you get very bored/frustrated very very quickly. I have not yet reached the CAP problems that many others have mentioned but I can see how it will most definitely become an issue if I progress much further. What I find REALLY annoying is that after grinding so much to unlock classes and to my dismay not liking the class I unlocked, I can’t reset my expenditure in the progression tree. Once you spend your “sparks” in there, they’re permanent and there’s no way to unwind or roll back in the tree and get those precious sparks (aka hrs of game play wasted) back. The game mechanics are horrible to say the least. The in-game keyboard mapping feature doesn’t work most times and many keys you might want to use instead of the defaults are just not accepted. Likewise, you cannot assign any functionality to any extra mouse buttons you may have – the game just doesn’t even “see” these buttons let alone let you assign anything to them. The chat system is clunky and awkward to use – in fact the whole UI is just un-natural in so many ways it feels “off”. As for “action combat” – well, it’s again clunky, awkward and far from smooth. You are rooted to the ground whenever you cast an ability (except in very few cases) so you find yourself running, stopping to cast a spell/shoot or whatever then running again with the occasional dodge to get out of the way of the enemy’s attacks. Furthermore, because the mobs hit so hard you spend a LOT of time running after these healing orbs that drop periodically during the fight. Al in all the combat is jaggered and feels very very stiff. The targetting system is ok, but for me it’s the more or less total lack of mobility that makes combat a horrible experience. I personally do not think the game will last very long in its current state and will need some very serious and severe alterations if it’s going to survive beyond this “open beta” phase. As a side note – I’m not sure if this is an intended game feature or not, but for me it seems that the number of sparks I get per mission seems to be getting smaller and smaller and the cost of nodes in the advancement tree are getting much more expensive to unlock meaning that I’m grinding more and more and advancing less and less. All of this is perfect “put-me-off” features which are rapidly pushing me away from the game.

  14. Very good game, The class unlock system is very fresh within the mmorpg market in the way in which they are doing it through sparks, yes there is a cap limit but people need to go to the website and read there most recent article saying that activities or well events such as Invasions and anomalies will reward you sparks and will not effect your cap limit, so if you hit cap just do those, of course those won’t come up till patch 0.65 hits but the point is it will improve the game. Remember no game is prefect upon Open Beta and most games don’t release full fledged content upon release the game will a mega ton better once this update drops.

  15. A whole new level… of limits. This game is like PSO2 with systems that limit your progression, and basically will suffocate you as a player if you have more than 2 hours a day to play.

    God System – Where you can play what people on their forums are already referring to as ‘Orderville’: A facebook ripoff game, where you can log in over and over again every hour and a half to click some buttons and send your followers on missions. Whee! /sarc

    Leveling System: Basically a blatant rip-off of Path of Exile (or FFX). Without the fun of being able to access it from where ever you want. Instead, rip your hair out as it takes weeks (because of the cap system) to actually be ‘allowed’ to play the class you actually want to play! Alternatively: Increase your prestige (Think mastery rank from Warframe) and watch as the content they give you access to goes up, but your stats don’t (significantly), so you hit a progression wall! So much fun to die over and over! Yay!

    Completely P2W: You will reach a point during the week where you can no longer progress because they even limit how much in game currency you can earn in a week (God, I wish I was kidding). But don’t worry! You can totally pay real money (to buy argents, that you then trade for in game currency) to keep advancing your Orderville facebook ripoff game!

    Cash shop is a joke otherwise. You will need to buy upgrade stones just to upgrade your gear (because for some unfathomable reason it takes credits to break down other gear into upgrade stones, which is limited by, you guessed it, the ridiculous cap!) Other than that, it’s cosmetics and the usual run-of-the-mill bits. Casual players can reach the cap in 4-9 hours of playtime. No joke. It’s true that free to play and cash players wont outclass each other due to their spending, but currently the prestige system makes it so if you play the system in an exploitative way, you can be at 15,000 prestige in a week, but you won’t be able to play with anyone else, and will sit in queue for upwards of 5 hours.

    Also, the caps *do not* go up the higher your prestige is. They are set on a fixed timer, to increase (barely) week over week. First week 7500 sparks (xp), second week 7000 sparks (xp) (because they gave you a ‘bonus’ your first week of play). Third week: 8000 sparks (xp). To put that in perspective, it takes about 8000 sparks to reach the first class unlock, and then about 12000 to reach the next. It then blows up exponentially to 29000 to reach the next class… yeah. The only ‘benefit’ is that whatever cap you don’t use will bleed into the next week, so if you had 2000 sparks before the reset, and they gave you 8000 this week, you have a cap of 10000 sparks. Which is not enough to reach another class. This game will literally reward you for not playing it. The devs have no idea how ‘to business properly’ lol.

    TL;DR Don’t waste your time: Just go play PSO2 now that it isn’t region locked on SEA (it has English subtitles). PSO2 has it so you can have every class on one character, the only difference is you cannot switch in the actual instances (you have to quickly port out, oh noes!) lol.

    Oh and before I forget: No controller support on Skyforge. PSO2 has the best controller support I’ve seen in my life.

    • I hear you man about the progression wall. After playing a lightbinder for a while, I thought it time to try the paladin. Before doing that though, I spent precious sparks unlocking all the paladin circles in the ascension atlas, as well as putting sparks in the paladin tree to the point where I unlocked the paladin class sparks. After doing all that I venture out with my paladin only to find that I’m squishy as hell in all but the lowest level dungeons, and even there it’s touch and go. Very annoying, especially after spending all those precious sparks., 🙁

      Also, I’m finding the Skyforge community pretty terrible, even by mmo standards. Toxic gen chat, rude selfish greedy min/max players who will kick you from a group for looking at them the wrong way. The Internet disinhibition effect is alive and well in Skyforge.

      Really wanted to like this game, but not sure how much longer I can put up with it. I don’t know, maybe it was a mistake to come onboard in the beta, and would have been better off waiting for official release. That said, having nearly reached the burnout stage with swtor and gw2, I am in need of a new mmo home, but not sure at this point if Starforge is it.

  16. I’m not giving up on this one just yet, but I tend to agree with much of what @Paladinmax said previously about the incredibly annoying weekly cap limit on sparks. As he noted, not only do you need a ton of them to advance your character skills, but worse still some of the cooler player classes that are unplayable until unlocked are very far along down the skill tree, meaning you wont be getting to them anytime soon.

    From what I understand this sparks limitation is an attempt to short circuit pay-to-win, and although a laudable goal, the end result for the player is frustration. I mean, any seasoned gamer will likely reach the cap in probably 1.5-3 days, and until the limits reset all there is to do is work on improving your Order. Speaking of which, although your Order is important because it amounts to about a third of your reputation, the rare items you need to advance it like the Okri tablets and ring seem to be available only from running the insanely difficult 5-person dungeons.

    Concerning the Order mini-game itself, it’s ok but nothing terribly compelling. It’s very much like the doff missions from Star Trek Online and the crew crafting missions from SWTOR, albeit with even less inspiring rewards.

    I would also add that I have never been a big mmo dungeon raiding fan, believing this activity to be a poor excuse for an endgame and overall bad legacy inherited from EverQuest and WoW. That said, although there are some open world maps in SkyForge that I have mostly enjoyed, the main activity does seem to be rinse and repeat dungeon crawling, so if you don’t like dungeons you would probably be better served playing mmo’s like swtor and GW2 that have a lot more open world and soloable content.

    To be fair, the game overall does look nice, the combat is mostly fun, the player avatars are appealing, and above all a major benefit of a doubt needs to be given since the game just began open beta. That said, to keep me playing they’re going to need to do something about the annoying sparks cap as well as add more soloable content (or rather things to do other than queue for rinse and repeat dungeons) Anyway, I want to really like this game, as I am rapidly tiring of swtor and GW2 and am in the market for a new mmo home, so will be keeping my fingers crossed that SkyForge will improve as time goes on.

    • Something I neglected to mention is that SkyForge has one of the most compelling leveling experiences I’ve ever seen in an mmo. It really makes you want to play to explore the possibilities and the numerous player classes. Of course though this makes the sparks cap all the more annoying and frustrating when you hit it.

      BTW, another reason I want to really like this game is because it was created in association with the great Obsidian Entertainment, creator of my two favorite RPG’s – The Sith Lords and of course Fallout New Vegas.

    • I’ve been away from SkyForge for about a week now, and on hindsight I maybe came down on the game a bit hard in my previous post. I mean, I stuck with it for the better part of three weeks, so I guess I must have liked it at least a little. In fact I agree completely with someone else’s review summary at

      Pros: 1) Great visuals, 2) solid combat, 3) unique progression system.
      Cons: 1) Badly optimized, 2) terribly repetitive, 3) woefully under-explained.

      I think what frustrated me more than anything though was that after spending all that time grinding to an advanced class, once I unlocked it I found that not only was it squishy in the extreme and all but unplayable without a lot more grinding, but that I had severely gimped my character in the process. Very annoying.

      That said, I may be willing to give SkyForge a big benefit of a doubt since it is still in beta and maybe give it one more try after a few more patches, or I might even be better off waiting until the game is officially launched.

  17. Sorry for my English by advance, i doing my best.

    Skyforge is a beautiful mmo, amazing graphics with dynamic gameplay.
    You have open Maps you can choose and play with other players.
    You have instances you can play with pick up group
    You can manage a facebook game inside the game to upgrade your Order and obtain more skills.
    Evolution is based on tree, same as ff10 you unlock sparks you can unlock 15 classes.
    After unlocking a class you win progress sparks for each classes.

    Ok and after ?

    It’s been one week i play this game and 80% of the players of this new mmo are not happy.

    Quests are boring > kill 20 – kill 50 – kill 15 – kill a boss and do it again.
    Same as a lot of mmo’s skyforge do not give’s you anything new to do. You just kill in chain.
    But to be honest it is cool. The way you play is so dynamic you don’t even think about it.

    Do not remap your keyboard.
    Actually arrow do not work correctly and you can’t dash right and left if you want to use arrow.

    Gamepad is on the way(same as Vindictus) but at this moment do not work and you can’t use Xpadder or any software to add a gamepad.

    LIMITATIONS -> Big problem!

    This game is based on false assumption : players can’t play 7 days long.
    IF player play like hell they are too heavy to play with other player and they add limitation evolution system.

    This is one the worst idea EVER !

    1) When you have reach your limitations : you just can’t evolve anymore in any ways.
    2) Players are already find a way to evolve faster than other using Order. And now you can cross players with 3 times your level in 5 days. This is the absolute proof this limitation system does not work at all.
    3) You can’t play this game to evolve anything’s more than 65 hours and only if you are casual gamer.
    It is the worst limited system i have ever met in a MMo.

    Playing become useless. Of course you can play to obtain another stuff but this stuff are useless and don’t worst the time you play. You can farm special items to obtain costumes see the next chapter.*
    There is no crafting, no housing, no pex at all to obtain speeder or armor.
    Everything you drop are limited and you have limitation issue on EVERYTHING !
    Money, evolution sparks, colored sparks …

    Open Maps
    You can do them 1 times to obtain colored sparks AND THAT’S ALL after that, redo this open map is useless. Another one by the dust and seriously another horrible choice of gameplay i ever met.

    Open Maps – Special resources
    you need farming some special resources to obtain costumes, 1200 each per map and they drop 1 to 4 at the time. I explain : you do the map in 2-3 hours you win all prizes EVEN in you take each resources you cross you never reach more than 300 and you need 1200.
    I get 1 special costume and it take me 8 hours !!!! drop rate 2 to 4 per farm.
    Now i am in one open map the resource drop 1 by 1 ONLY.

    Players can’t redo the quests to win serious prize, so why came back here: just for farming useless stuff.
    And by the way costumes are not really cool and don’t even worst the time you lose for that.

    Normal Costumes
    It’s simply a joke. 90% of the costumes are colors of the costume you can get in training when you try each class.

    And they cost 100.000 ! You win fiber to unlock them 25 by 25 !
    Some costumes cost only 6000 and they are not colors but again not really amazing.

    THE Order
    It’s a facebook game or you can see that same as Ogame.

    You unlock avatar, you send your avatar in mission. It take them : 15min (rare) 1h30 : 80% – 8h : 20%. All the quest rebooting each 8h.
    You win 90% bullshit.

    i am not sure if it is good or not :
    Following your main quest you can open More place to your order. Each place have chapel. Each chapel gives you more stats (accuracy, critical hit …) BUT for that you need to WIN Okki tablet or Other stuff. OBTAIN THIS STUFF IS SIMPLY ON THE HARDEST THING IN THIS GAME.
    Only one Okki tablet each 2 days and only 1 ring each x days.
    So it is long and not simple, and if you want a ring you need to do a quest… waiting 3 days … no one’s comes.

    So if you simply can’t do the quest you can’t upgrade.

    I) PVP
    This is funny. But this is the worst balance ever !
    Long range vs melee vs dps vs … = a big WHAT THE F ??
    Some classes on this game have a so long range you can never reach them as Paladin.
    BUT it is really funny.

    For the first time in the mmo’s history get a premium account reach your sparks limit faster and reduce the time you can play the game !!!! FIRST TIME EVER !!!
    I speaking with a Russian players who get 10k of sparks and i was amazed because i was at 3k evolution so i do not understand how ?? The answer was a SHOCK on my face :

    How did you? : “I use my crystal (money in game with $ when you get pack you get a lot) to transform them into game money, rush my order this way i up faster. ”

    Are you sure of your choice because with the amount of money you can buy 90 days of premium state? :
    “are you mad ? premium states are shit! i don’t care about reach my limit faster and i don’t care about this stupid limitation system, this way each weeks i can play more and go to hell the premium state”

    DUMEST WORLD RECORD EVER !Normally premium states in any mmo’s give’s you advantage in Skyforge you obtain more restriction.

    THE FIRST : PAY to NO PLAY in history on the video games industries.

    SkillsThe combat style is amazing ! but the skill never change.
    You can only get upgrades for your 10 basics skills.
    And they don’t add any real graphic change, it is just power upgrades.
    You reach faster than light this point : doing the same thing in loop.

    You have a large and huge choices of gameplay style BUT YOU NEED TO ACCES THEM !limitation issue remember ?

    And again if you have the reflex to try each class in any mmo’s you can’t in skyforge.
    Because you can change classes when you want, reach your precious class take time.
    You have some classes at start 3 for free player i think.

    BUT if you hate your starter class you are going to suffer a long way for perhaps play something you dislike again.

    Of course you can try them in the training room to be sure of the way and of the sparks you invest to reach the class you want to play.

    Of course you are in deep trouble if you are free player to get a GUNNER for example.
    The Way to reach classes is veerrryyyyy long for some classes and it cost you a lot of colored sparks and with the limitation i hope you are not in hurry and i hope you never spend sparks in any case just for upgrades your power, i mean sparks who are not on the way you want !!! If you are doing that it takes you more time.


    Graphics : 10/10 Amazing
    Game play: 5/10 Good Combat system / Repetition
    Crafting: 0/10 None
    Housing: 0/10 None
    Keyboard: 5/10 Remap Bug with arrow.
    Evolution: 2/10 100% FRUSTATION SYSTEM!
    Clan system: 6/10 (limited of course)
    Chat: 3/10 (no slidebar, no shortcut…)
    Gamepad : 0/10 None & broken with Xpadder
    Fun: 4/10 65h max per weeks !
    100K Costumes: 2/10 90% variation colors of free costume
    Resource Costumes: 2/10 “Déjà vue”
    Backgrounds creativity : 8/10 Good creativity.
    Premium account 0/10 Reduce you gameplay experience !
    Money / Economy 5/10 Limitation = limited amount in game currency.
    Skills 5/10 no real evolution, only 10 skills.

    Make your own choice, you can try it for free, but don’t place your hopes too high you became disappointed.

    This game for me is a big deception because of the limitationS.

    Playing 2 days per weeks and doing facebook games 5 days is not my conception of gaming in a mmo.

    80% of the player hope for an update who remove/upgrade this limitation.
    Limitation grow up each weeks but honestly further you advance further you need more sparks for everything so it is useless.

    WITHOUT limitation issue this game is one the best mmo ever.
    With this limitation he win the – Frustration Awards –

  18. 3 out of 10 classes at launch. Absolutely amazing landscape and great animations for the most part. They’ve progressed in many ways from traditional mmo’s and I’m personally really looking forward to cbt next week!

    • I was super hyped for it since 10 months ago. Got disappointed really hard. Combat is meh, mostly you play solo, gear system is also meh. Game starts to be a grind in first 1-2h of game.

      • Not really. Allods Online = P2W, hard to argue with that. But it wasnt the Allods team that designed the game’s monetization. It was their publisher (gPotato afair).

  19. its kind of good but meh… i expected something alot better.
    + graphics are good
    + skill system is legit but far from what they promissed
    + the whole demi-god idea with the worshipers and all is pretty good
    + quest system much like the one in Guild Wars 2
    – the combat bored me… same as in Guild Wars 2 or Blade and Soul. I dont know about you but that alone is enough to keep me away from the game.

      • This game is NOT a true action combat game like Tera or Wildstar. It is tab target with a targetting reticle that you have to point at the mob but it is not a true action combat game.

        Been playing CBT1 and 2 and I am highly disappointed with the grind that the game already is. Major issues with grouping, horrible queue times for dungeons and pvp.

        Open one of the new classes and you only get your basic attacks and have to go grind lower “Too Easy” open world regions to get sparks to progress your new atlas to get a couple skills before even thinking of going into an instance.

        GFX is awesome, I like the classes, but overall, game mechanics are done poorly. Weekly credit cap is atrocious, as everything that you need to upgrade, your Order, your weapons and offhand, all take A LOT of credits.

        This game is far from the mark imo.

          • This is what happens when devs charge for access to an unfinished game. Idk how or why this started but its kinda dumb lol

  20. I have actually been following Skyforge very closely and it was promised to have around 30-40 classes when the game would eventually progress towards launch. I have only been able to play a closed beta for a short amount of time but there is a wide diversity of character customisation when you look at it from the side of perks and talents.
    As it is in closed beta still, alot is still subject to change.

    • It was never announced to have 30-40 classes. They said around 15 at launch, and later they are going to add more.

  21. Hmm.. I’m guessing it’ll be put at only 3 available classes. When I watched the trailer, it struck me as it was trying to mirror “Tera”. I realized it did not, in some sort of way, but I’m looking forward to trying it out!


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