If you were wondering what Skyforge’s distortions were about, who better to explain them than god/mad scientist Flavius? Sure, he admits he’s got an agenda in sending pantheons out to deal with these dangerous encounters, but it’s just “controlling space and time.” I mean, nothing really important.

In any case, enjoy the trailer above and read about distortions on the Skyforge site. They’re difficult instanced encounters meant for 10 members of a pantheon, with rewards to match, both for individuals and for their pantheons, including “powerful weapons whose strength reaches far beyond those gained through regular Adventure activities.” That’s worth the risk of dealing with a giant evil mushroom, right?

Skyforge distortion


  1. yea the so called hyper grind skyforge…

    Their f2p system is so good but what makes them bad and e1 worst is very repetitive grind.There is no fun grinding from 10k to 30k.At 30k prestige is where all other new contents starts and its not easy to grind with limits placed with or without premium.

    Also,English Translation of game is so bad…. the perks from temple are not translated right,very very confusing.


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