War is coming to Skyforge, and it won’t be pretty. Well, it will be pretty, because the graphics are nice, but it’s war, so… you get the idea.

War’s Onset is the name of Skyforge’s next update, and it brings with it the ultimate pantheon vs. pantheon match-up. In Pantheon Wars, up to 100 players from a pantheon can fight against 100 players from another pantheon in PvE and PvP showdowns to determine who’s the best.

There’s also the Pantheon War Tournament, which appears to be an e-sports-y kind of battle between pantheons, with seasons and as-yet-unannounced real-world prizes. Finally, there are the usual host of class balance changes in store, including damage tweaks for the archer, kinetic, and gunner.

War’s Onset arrives Dec. 2. You can learn more about it on the Skyforge website.


  1. Lots of people still play this game, and if you can hit God mode the game opens up for you even more. It has great raid bosses that forces everybody to play different classes even in God mode. I’ve played so many games where you can max level, do a few 5 mans, then clear a raid within a week or two after release. You can’t do this in Skyforge. Everything has a meaning and your Pantheon plays a BIG part of your progression.

  2. Seems these develoepers are getting a tad cocky about there game engine and servers, for one I know there game engine isn’t going to be friendly to most computers in a 100 v 100 type of fight let alone there servers being able to handle such a thing. Sorry Skyforge but your not guild wars 2, or planetside 2. So please sit down.


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