Skyforge Queue

What do you do when you’ve run out of adventures to do on your planet? Head to the moon! That’s where the demigods of Skyforge seem to be headed with the game’s newest update, Stand United, which adds loads of new features to help making finding a group for those lunar excursions a little easier.

The improved adventure queue helps players find more specialized groups for certain activities while also allowing them to choose multiple roles to fill. It even helps you find replacements when that jerk drops after the first boss.

What can you do with those new and improved groups? Farm previous invasion seasons’ epic weapons and artifacts. Pantheon tournaments will also reward Aelerium-9 Catalysts as the standard reward currency. And if your demigod doesn’t look fancy enough, you have until March 28 to pick up one of two packs that contain service uniform cosmetics or a Beeonic companion — or both for a reduced rate.

You can catch up on all of Stand United’s new features here or the in-depth patch notes here.

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