SmashMuck Champions is a new free-to-play MOBA from Kiz Studios, with fast-paced combat and speedy game times. Inside the arena, Planet Muck’s toughest Champions do battle in the zany gladiatorial sport known as SmashMuck.

Each match features up to ten players in one of four Game Types. Combat is action packed and easy to learn, with tons of unique skills, weapons and attacks for players to master. After every game, players gain Experience, Cash and Item rewards that can be used to customize and upgrade their team.

Unlike other MOBAs, SmashMuck Champions offers four Game Types, including Plunderball, Siege, Conquest and Destroyer. Each has its own arena and presents new ways for players to utilize their rosters. True Champions will develop unique strategies and customize their fighters for their favorite Game Types.

Match times range from 5-15 minutes depending on Game Type, making SmashMuck appealing to veteran MOBA Players looking for faster action, new MOBA Players wanting to get in to the genre, fans of Action and Hack-N-Slash classics, and Casual Players looking for fast battles and short game times.

To follow the development of SmashMuck Champions all you have to do is Register for a free Rookie Account! Rookies are eligible to gain access to Preview and Closed Beta Playtests, special champion bundles, and some SmashBucks to get them started!

Sign up now at and get smashing!


    • FiZzBusted, it has a game mode JUST LIKE LOL but i haven’t had a chance to play it because there isn’t a big enough playbase for me to try it, all i have tried is the 3v3 capture the flag which is just the tanks win

    • Yea i have the exact same problem its rather annoying since i got the beta key to try it out… (trying to keep an open mind 😛 ) and this happens… badddd start if u ask me

  1. Looks like a good alternative for younger, less serious gamers, who want in the genre. If it isn’t like that though then this game looks bad.

  2. woa, this looks like a carnival, I simply couldn’t see or understand anything in that video. It looked like robots fighting, and running around a carnival map lol XD

  3. I have been in the BETA and the game is great. The developers are really proactive in fixing the bugs they find. I also suggested a new Champion and they emailed me the concept for it to be named and voted on later.

    Who else does that?

  4. Yay for this game! Its soooo fun. People, Please give this game a chance. Im in the beta, its one of the most addicting games you’ll ever play.

      • lol, not at all !

        Rinor , did you get a war inc beta key in an email today?
        If not i will gve you one of mine, I played it in pre beta and don;t need the key
        I will wait for OB before i play again.

          • It’s a diffrent kind of beta key. Unlocks fps mode , and gives some item mall cash, Rinor has been here along time with me , Was offering it to him.

            You cans still play it though !

        • thanks man that’s much appreciated man. ^_^ i was wondering if u could send it 2 a different email… someone has hacked the email i used for mmobomb …. unfortunatly and msn wont let me change the password… if u can please tell me 🙂 so i can tell u it


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