John Smedley’s got a lot to say about PlanetSide 2’s future, and he expounded on all the major points on a Reddit post Thursday afternoon.

The plan is simple – We are going to be taking Planetside 2 to where it needs to be and finally address the stuff should have already. The metagame. We will once and for all be getting the Meta to where it just has to be.

“Where it just has to be” involves major changes to resources and territory control, which have already seen significant change since the game’s launch two and a half years ago. Resources will be “a fun part of the game” and outfits will be able to create bases on continents. Also in the works: a new game mode with a win condition, meant to be an hour-long instanced match. All of this is targeted for the 2.0 release of the game in September.

In the meantime, Daybreak plans to add to the PS2 staff, including bringing back some old faces, and doing a better job of updating the Roadmap — which Smedley admits his team does “a poor job updating.”


    • Planetside 2 is in no way P2W. The default weapons are better all around than the 1000 cert weapons, which all only have a small niche. What in this game is P2W?

      • nope this game is not pay 2 win lot of people dont now to play this game Because they are too stupid for this game

    • I have to agree with Matt this game is in no way P2W I’ve taken down countless foes with nothing for then the default weapons and never paid a dime besides maybe a few cosmetics

  1. Sounds awsome…. So when will the FPS problems u still have be adjusted?

    Having 16gb RAM corei7 and still lag in the big fights like nothing on this earth.. surely you cant expect people to stutter around forver? or maybe you can.. personally im waiting for this to happen most of all optimization is still needed… sure it has become better but you need to improve it more for players like me to even think its playworthy..

    I loved planetside.. yepp the first game was awsome and the lag was a minimum so why in the seven hells cant Planetside 2 run as smoth???

    just a tought.

    • This game is very harsh on mostly cpu. While you do need a graphics card that has at least 1gb of memory (2gb is more recommended for large battles.) this game for some reason hates multi-cored processors. This game is in fact not at optimal running compatibility with most quad cores.

  2. This sounds interesting. The one thing that bothers me about this game is that either A. You spawn to far away and have to spend 5-10 minutes just to see a few people or B. You spawn into a cluster&$%# and its just spraying mindless combat. This hour long game mode would be cool with maybe like 50 plays each team on a small map. Not super small, like half of an original continent or a little smaller.

    • ^this. Plus you will see abuser all over. 3 guys off in a corner alone. One kills another, the medic rezes and he kills again. They are farming exp solo by this exploit. The only rule is if you see it, report it and sony will try and step in….. Lololol yeah. No. Its been abused and rampant.
      But thats just a sub point. The core games garbage and a waste of resources 90% map never used


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