Snail Games has just put up some teasers about an upcoming content update for Age of Wushu, titled The Ghostly Blade. Subtitled “The emergence of the Ancient Tomb Sect and the Blood Blade Clan,” there are several new events and new gameplay options for players to explore.

The Eight Reclusive Factions event tasks players with hunting down cultists and suppressing rebellions; two new player factions, The Blood Blade Clan and Ancient Tomb Sect, each come with their own introductory videos, weekly and daily quests, and new martial arts skills; and there’s a new duel [sic] flying skill, the Light Cloud Step, for Ancient Tomb Sect players to take a friend to fly around with.

There’s no time frame established for the update, other than the mysterious “Coming soon.”

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  1. wushuplayer on September 11, 2015

    Yes the game is still alive. Could use some more players but well what can you do. Still the game is the best English mmorg there right now at least. Issue with the game is that its not easy to learn at first and if you don’t find good support (guild or old player) who teaches you ins and outs you may feel so out of depth that you quit very very fast. Also as some have played for years the level gap is very big. I have made 2 accidental killings with 1 thoughtless area sweep of my sword. So it takes months to catch up or almost catch up with old players.
    But we have waited for the subsects announced for months now its high time as I think some have given up and takes a break from this game as the waiting has gone on too long.

    • PandaStick on September 11, 2015

      This account was shamelessly created by Snail Game PR team.

  2. Todoran on September 11, 2015

    trailer gaved me eye cancer…..

    • LAMBDA471 on September 12, 2015

      Your English has giveded me eternal strength.

  3. mgamer on September 11, 2015

    It’s still alive?

  4. ToxicDood on September 10, 2015

    This game is confusing and the servers are empty,im still wondering how they can pay for all these running servers