Spacelords' Heavy Metal Update Offers New Talent Tree and Forge System For Greater Customization

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Your Spacelords characters are about to get more talented, and it's not because MercurySteam added aimbots to the game. Yesterday's Heavy Metal update gives players a new Talent System that gives them more control over a character's progression and abilities. There's also "the ability to throw Aleph blasts to your enemies," which sounds really cool -- unless you're on the receiving end.

In addition to the new Talent System, Heavy Metal also introduces the Forge System, which lets players build up to five different versions of the same weapon, to give you more options for how you play. Blueprints will still be in the game, but they'll be "special prizes, having become more powerful to reflect their new high-ranking status."

All the new options offered in this update are to help ensure that "no two players will ever field the same Spacelord again," said Game Director Enric Álvarez. You can find out more about the Heavy Metal update on the Spacelords site.

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