SEGA today announced that Spiral Knights, the newest title from accomplished online game developer Three Rings, has officially launched, offering players around the world classic, console-style adventuring in a persistent world. Spiral Knights is completely free-to-play, meaning that anybody who dares to face the perils of these dungeons, whether alone or with a group of up to three other friends, can start their journey to the core of the Clockworks.

“SEGA is wonderfully impressed with the world Three Rings has brought to life in Spiral Knights,” said Haruki Satomi, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA of America. “The Clockworks is rich with character and mystery, and the accessibility of the gameplay means that anyone can jump in and explore. This launch marks a tremendous addition to SEGA’s portfolio of universally enjoyable titles.”

“The response we have seen from players during the preview has been fantastic,” said Daniel James, CEO of Three Rings. “We are tremendously proud of the team; they have worked hard over the last four years to bring the co-operative fun of Spiral Knights to life and we are delighted to be bringing their game to the world in partnership with SEGA. All that is left to say is: Watch out for those jelly cubes!”

Spiral Knights pits players against the creatures of Cradle, where they must fight to survive by scavenging materials from the ever-changing worlds beneath the surface.

Players play Spiral Knights for free today by visiting


  1. I dont like it… Played it a hour but dont like the controllers and just the game itself. I like the graphics.
    Graphics 8/10

  2. i dont think u should complain since its a pretty cool online co-op and is for free altough SEGA spent four years on it!!!

  3. When I saw “Spiral Knights” I thought it was about Gurren Lagann xD, whatever, this looks like interesting, and must have other classes or something because in the video showed some chars using spells, or shotting something, and with diferent weapons then sword and shield, so I’m looking foward for this =)

    • “When I saw “Spiral Knights” I thought it was about Gurren Lagann”

      LOL Same here. The game looks great (Only if you party all the time)

  4. the reason only knight class is available is cuz the game only has knights would be nice if we could have healers or gunner specific and swords specific or both


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