Recently unveiled at Worlds, the Star Guardians “new creative fiction” for League of Legends re-imagines five of its champions as “magical girl” anime characters. It includes new backstories and skins for Jinx, Lux, Janna, Poppy, and Lulu, styling them as humans — sorry yordle fans — with Sailor Moon-ish powers and a suitable dark baddie to confront.

Though their looks have changed, their personalities remain intact, as you can see by examining the Star Guardians subsite: Jinx is still the rebel, Poppy is a no-nonsense fighter, and so on. You can preview their skins and powers on the site, as well as read about how the Star Guardians adapt to life as normal girls, and how they must “fight as one or fall as many.”

The Star Guardian skins and various related icons are available for a limited time: Oct. 13 or Oct. 20, depending on exactly what you’re looking to purchase; bundles are also available. You can get all the details on their availability and pricing on the League of Legends site.

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  1. LOL honestly this almost made me wanna install league of legends. The keyword being ALMOST but the league of legends developers need to try harder.

        • It almost drawn me into checking out this moba since I never played league of legends before and the stuff they are advertising is cool in my opinion and I’m sure alot of people like it but this really almost drew me into checking out their game I admit but it almost did but luckily it didn’t and I still hate mobas like alot I’m just not into moba games.

          • Have you tried Smite? The only game mode I can stand is Arena. I think the only moba I’ll ever play.

          • I tried to download it but it wouldn’t work so I gave up on it. But I kinda been giving up on most video games lately. I been focusing on life but I am still interested in single based games that’s on the playstation and xbox consoles and nintendo consoles.


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