Get away with the goods in Fortnite: Battle Royale‘s “High Stakes” event, which is now live. Four safes have been air-dropped onto the island. Get the large jewel inside and make it to a van — fighting off would-be thief thieves along the way — to win fabulous prizes.

There are a series of challenges you can complete to get even more loot, including the Suited Up Spray, Cash Flow Contrail, and the Crowbar Pickaxe, as well as a bundle of 5,000 XP. You can also pick up the Wild Card outfit in the store, which lets you choose from one of four masks when you play it, so all the members of your heist crew can sport distinctive looks. There’s also the Ace Pack, which comes with the Ace Outfit, Swag Bag Back Bling, and 600 V-Bucks. All the details can be found on the Fortnite site.

Now, if they could just come up with a way to add seven people to a four-person group so you could role-play as Ocean’s Eleven …

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