Neverwinter’s Storm King’s Thunder update is headed to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 very soon. Come October 18, console players will be able to defend the land against the invasion of the frost giants.

Created to go along with the most recent D&D story from Wizards of the Coast, Storm King’s Thunder kicks off as the frost giants are making their way into the northern area of Sword Coast. Players will travel to Bryn Shander and team up with the likes of Catti-brie, Wulfgar, and Harsnag to stop the giants in their tracks.

PlayStation 4 players have a bit of extra content to look forward to — The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances update. This update adds several improvements designed to allow guilds of all sizes to form alliances, strengthening their strongholds and earning rewards.

More information on Storm King’s Thunder can be found on the Neverwinter site.

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    • dont waste your time with this pay2win crap

      dont be fooled by the update news on websites, the good looking UI or the many players playing

      1. this isnt Dungeon & Dragons, its Neverwinter – a WoW clone with a D&D skin
      there is nothing D&D about this game, its a disgrace and should be renamed to something else
      2. everything is pay2win and even if you get the best gear, the next update makes you pay more… for the next best gear

      • Idk what dungeons and dragons is and not really interested in it. And when I got out of the tutorial and into the hubtown I was highly unsatisified with neverwinter and I saw all the paid 2 win stuff people was talking about. Then I uninstalled neverwinter and now I’m never installing it again. This game is a disgrace your better off playing the real WoW then this trash.


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