Few things are more important to MMORPG players than how their characters look. In superhero games, that’s arguably an even greater concern, due in part to the large variety of comic-book heroes and villains out there, as well as the standards set by City of Heroes. Now Daybreak Game Company, which may or may not be owned by Columbus Nova, has made getting stylish in DC Universe Online a little bit easier.

Game Update 82 goes live today and implements Style Unlocking, a “long planned” feature in DCUO. According to the patch notes on the forums:

players can now use Replay Badges to unlock certain styles, as long as they have earned those styles on other characters on their account. Simply log in, open the Styles menu, preview all the styles eligible for unlocking and their costs, and then unlock them directly in the Styles menu.

Not all styles are currently available, but the devs assure us they’re working hard to make everything available in later updates. Oh, and “Promethium Lockboxes will now drop more frequently.” Yay, more loot boxes!


  1. Why the hate for the lootbox in DCUO? If you subscribe you get to open them for free and it drops quite frequently. You also earn a good amount of premium currency if you subscribe. It seems people wants everything for free these days, F2P games should never have existed in the first place. Its because of F2P games that we have all these disgusting business practices we see today. B2P or monthly subscribe is the way to go, and DCUO do it right, its cheap and unlock everything in the game, you don’t need to spend another dime in the game as you also get monthly premium currency. I go hard against lootboxes, its disgusting and needs to be banned but the lootbox in DCUO at least isnt as predatory as the rest of the shit in the industry.

    Stop wanting everything for free. Its their work, their livelihood, the devs need to eat too you know? Subscribe to DCUO and you will get everything in the game unlock, even lootboxes.

  2. I hope this game eat the dust its just to greedy you have to pay for everything or pay monthly for it and even so you need to pay for other things separably


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