Here in the real world, Summer’s been hanging out for about a week now, but in game… It’s just really kicking off. As is the case with real-world Summer, it’s time to don the swimsuits and take part in those activities that involve going outside… well, kinda.

In Trion’s free-to-play games, RIFT and ArcheAge, the summer fun is under way with RIFT’s Summerfest and ArcheAge’s Blue Salt Festival.

Rifts’s Summerfest event will drop as part of July’s update 3.7, which will also introduce makeovers to several souls, complete with new buffs, abilities, and more. Also included in the update is the implementation of 64-Bit performance and the Dungeon Veteran perk. This perk will offer a 15% reward bonus to characters that have successfully completed a dungeon 5 times every time they run it after.

On the ArcheAge front, players can look forward to a series of Summer events starting today. The first, the Blue Salt Festival, runs from June 29 to July 19 during which time Sanddeep will be placed under Festival law, preventing PvP attacks. Players will need to explore the festival and participate in all the quests in order to earn festival coins, which can be redeemed for various items.

At the same time — June 29 through July 12, the Riches from the Depths event will be taking place in the Castaway Straight and Northern Halcyona Gulf. To kick off this quest line — which involves hunting for treasure — players will need to activate the Divine Clock icon in the lower left-hand corner of their screen.

Finally, a third event titled “All in a Dayru’s Work” will take place between July 9 and July 19. This consists of a limited time series of dailies focused on the ancient Daru

For more information on both of these events, check out the posts on the RIFT and ArcheAge blogs.

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  1. Yeah agreed, I know its a long burning thing, but it is Weird that Trion has still held its licence for these games. Me if i was a dev, Iwould found a better provider than TRION


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