The class videos continue for Aeria Games’ upcoming Echo of Soul and today’s reveal takes a look at the Warrior. Predictably, this class is going to be most known for tanking and keeping enemies off of your party members. A master of swords and blades, the Warrior used to be an elite fighter in his kingdom but now fights for any flag with enough money as a mercenary.

Rage and defense are the key stats when it comes to Warrior builds and players will be able to play as one of two different specs; the Berserker or the Protector.

The Berserker uses a rage mechanic as they attack to compound damage as the pummel their foes from melee range. The Protector plays a tank role and shields party members from incoming attacks while the party works together to take down difficult enemies.

It’s pretty run of the mill for the Warrior. Watching the video and having played any free to play MMORPG before, you could probably guess how the Warrior will end up playing. We’ll have to wait and see if there are any wrinkles that make Echo of Soul’s Warrior a bit more unique than a cookie cutter class.

You can still sign up for May’s beta on the official Echo of Soul website.

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  1. if you dont like it,dont play it,and even so…this game is most anticipated game of 2015,i rather play a good quality game(i mean in gameplay)rather than playing a game that have really awesome graphics and shitty gameplay.And mmorpg are all about grinding,i did not played a game that is not grindy,and even so(most of games non-grindy are private pvp focused servers),so most of who comment or will comment here,are those who play FPS,MOBA and PvP focused games.Nothing is free in life,even in virtual world,if you want everything in 1s without sweating,then stop playing online games.

    • ok first there is no grinding in this game same ass gamers who cares more about graphics than how fun the game is questing is ass pvp a hole lot of fun am not talking about ho i have the best gear so i will the most op char in pvp i mean skill combo wise pvp the game is fun and ik the same people saying shit about the game will the first people in it

      • ok first there is super grind in this game same true gamers who value real graphics that aren’t crap than how CRAP this game is questing is the best pvp sucks ass am not talking about ho i have the crappiest gear so i will the most crap char in pvp i mean skill combo wise pvp is crap and ik the same people saying shit about the game will never join the game because it is shit


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