GamesCampus announced that it will launch the open beta for its WWII tank warfare third person shooter, Tank Ace, on September 1 at 11 AM PDT.

After a successful closed beta, Tank Ace is now headed into Open Beta. Using tactical-warfare style combat, Tank Ace is an action-packed tactical-shooter featuring realistic World War II battlefields and vehicles based on actual historical facts. Players will choose historically accurate WWII tanks and then customize them by adding additional armor, different styles of camouflage, body art, kill marks, and clan insignias.

Tank Ace is packed with engaging battles and accurate specifications like realistic recoil action and tank tactics. This action-packed tactical-shooter features realistic World War II battlefields and vehicle stats based on actual historical facts. Players will create their own clans and devise winning strategies as they utilize terrain features, coordinate assaults by using historically accurate tactics and more! Just some of the other gripping features include World War II Factions including Russia, Germany and the U.S.A, easy to pick-up controls and an Area Specific Damage System. In the game, players will lay an ambush, outflank the enemy divisions and charge across the battlefield in the mightiest war machine ever created!

To learn more about the game players can visit the website at


  1. I think World of tanks and this will be kinda completely different. This will probably have single player missions and PvP however I think this will require more tactical game play as compared to World of tanks where it’s like a MMORPG I think you will get more customization of tanks here as well. I think different missions and game modes will be released. I think this game will possibly more fast paced as well. I just hope it’s not a pay to win game. I think both games will be good!

  2. I doubt it. “Additional armour” How is that historically accurate? “OH I’LL JUST NAIL ON HUNDREDS OF TONS OF ARMOR WITHOUT IT AFFECTING ME SO I’LL BE INVINCIBLE!!!!!”

    • Additional armor means additional plates on the tanks you idiot not several tonsof steel…
      but that still depends germans used additional plating,americans put whatever they can on their tanks cuz german guns pownded them and russians did use any additional armor because they had exllent armor.Learn some history then post FAGG


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