Tarisland Devs Drop Beta Feedback Video That Also Addresses Inscribed Stone Cash Shop Concerns

The dev update video highlights planned adjustments.

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Tarisland Dev Video

Following the latest closed beta test, the Tarisland developers have decided to address player feedback with a short video. In the video, they answer questions about different topics. These include whether or not the new Inscribed Stone system was created to get players to spend more money in the game.

According to the MMORPG's video, it was not. Rather, it’s intended to provide development assistance for players. However, flaws in the closed beta test allowed players to purchase large sums of materials for upgrades, creating an imbalance. This will be fixed in the future.

If you’re wondering if CBT benefits cards will be included in the game’s official launch, the answer is “no”. The cards were intended to make things easier for non-paying players during the CBT, and the results weren’t quite what the developers hoped.

The devs also answered questions regarding changing the game’s Arcane Realm and Elite Dungeons to encourage more players to queue for them. At the moment, they’re looking at separating Elite Dungeon and Arcane Realm attempts. That said, they need to balance them in such a way that player can benefit from them while avoid making everything a grind.

There’s a bit more in the video, which is only about eight minutes long. It can be watched in its entirety below.

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