It’s official, Tencent Games’ entry into the battle royale genre is just about ready to go live. Ring of Elysium (originally Europa) will hit Steam on September 19, giving battle royale fans a more frosty take on the genre. Set in a mountain region beset by an ice age level snowstorm, Ring of Elysium features a dynamic weather system with various regions of the map changing as a result and forcing players to adapt. Just to give you an idea of what you’re in for, some areas of the map may suffer avalanches that can destroy all the players and buildings they hit.

Ring of Elysium adds a bit more to BR gameplay by adding objectives players would see in more typical shooters. In this case, players will be fighting their way across the map to a rescue helicopter — with extremely limited seating. The four players that make it onto the transport will win the match.

For fans of extreme sports, Ring of Elysium’s map gives players a chance to use snowboarding and hang gliding as ways to get around the map. This is in addition to more traditional modes of transportation.

While RoE isn’t launching for another few days, the Steam page is up and running. So you can pop over there to check it out.

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  1. I went hard on this game for a moth, the game is very fun and if you’re a fan of War Z/Infestation, this is YOUR game and will have so much advantage over everyone.

  2. There is a motive why BR is so popular today, it’s simple and fast, it’s a “for everyone” game, the idea of putting more objectives in this kind of game is pretty dangerous for the studio, they have tried it with mobas when they were the thing, the results are mediocre at the best, but good luck.

    • It’s not for me. It’s stupid, boring, slow, has no objective and no point. It’s simply a game revolving around a single game mode. When it dies, the whole game dies too.

      This mode will never have ESL, because you don’t need skill to play it, it’s all a matter of luck and RNG. The whole game mode is basically gambling in disguise and is training a different generation of gamblers, who aren’t even realizing it.

      It’s no wonder why classic shooters like Counter-Strike with small, tight maps in urban areas and game modes such as Bomb Defusal are still popular and widespread and have ESL support – because everyone can play them, but only a few will be masters at it.


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