TERA fans have an action-packed week to look forward to, when the Draakon Arena hits servers on Tuesday, June 16. It’s the first dungeon specifically designed for level 70 characters, and if you can take down Kalligar, the Azart Commander at the end, you’ll snag some sweet high-level rewards.

Also coming in next week’s update is the new Partner Adventure System, meant to give your companions more work to do — as if fighting beside you and sacrificing their lives wasn’t taxing enough. Now you’ll be able to send three of your partners out at a time to search for gatherables, skill advancement scrolls, relics and halidoms, and dungeon rewards. Even MMO companions need a part-time job, I suppose.

These tasks take several hours to complete, so you can speed that up with an Instant Completion ticket, a rare drop from level 65+ dungeons. The article announcing the feature doesn’t mention if the tickets are also available in the cash shop, so surely they aren’t, right? I mean, they would never

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