Above and Beyond Technologies released a alpha gameplay trailer for The Repopulation, a new free to play SciFi Sandbox Hybrid MMORPG which blends Sandbox and City building mechanics. The Repopulation is an independently developed game utilizing the Hero Engine.

The gameplay trailer includes new footage from the first day of testing and some new player created structure and decorating bits, as well.

For more information on The Repopulation go to http://www.therepopulation.com/


  1. *Well some of Bethesda, and mostly their makeshift studio “ZeniMax Online Studios” comprised of designers with years of experience working on the worst MMOs in existence. In other words, whoever they could find with MMO experience that they could lure into running their studio with a better offer than they were currently getting.

  2. “..utilizing the Hero Engine.” The Hero Engine is basically the “Make your very first MMO!” engine, for people who have absolutely no clue what they’re doing and don’t feel like spending the money/time to get people who know what they’re doing. This is going to suck, just like SWTOR sucks and just like TES Online is going to suck.

    • @Payback: Your pretty badly misinformed here. Although Hero Engine has recently began doing an indie license system, it has been licensed by a slew of larger studios previously (such as SWTOR and TESO). Those licenses were $750,000+.

      Hero Engine is a great toolbox. It increases productivity by allowing programmers, artists, and designers to share the same space and to see changes in realtime. But Hero Engine itself is a system called Clean Engine which is basically a very minimalistic engine that has chat and some basic ability examples. Developers must create their game on top of that.

      • SWTOR and TESO are both First MMOs for those companies. Their specialties are not MMOs, regardless of their size or reputation. I never said Hero Engine just makes the game for you, but it gives you templates of different online games for reference. Enough to basically teach you how to build your game. You need absolutely no MMO knowledge to build an MMO with this engine, because it teaches you how to do it based on other games. Hence my statement.

        It has these features, like the real-time environment that you can all work together on from anywhere, to make it as easy as possible for you to work with. Which is great on paper, but playtime doesn’t really make development easier. There’s a reason why Bioware, who makes amazing games, made a shit MMO. 1) They don’t make MMOs. and 2) The engine they used. Hero Engine teaches you how to do it and says “put your own style on it!” and that’s why it appealed to them, just like it appealed to Bethesda, also not MMO developers.

        and @Payback: As far as UDK and CE3 go, I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. There is no correlation between Hero Engine and UDK or CE3.

  3. Well, as we all know the famous saying ” WoW clone.

    I will start off the next fad.

    This game looks so much like a SWTOR clone !


      • lol, Probably but never played it, As of after the first week of playing SWTOR i felt i had just thrown my 100$ away……Never played it again.

        With that said alright, SWG CLONE !

        Thank’s My Friend ! 😀

  4. At first, combat seemed to suck badly, I don’t care too much for graphics, but as soon as I saw the guy placing those furniture and walls, building, I just wanted to play it right now.

  5. looks pretty cheap 2 me… if there’s sci-fi armors then why would we be using lame M16’s? meh why do game companies feel the urge of creating futuristic games so much.. oh well its F2P so ill try it im pretty sure its goin 2 fail. people that enjoy games like this will prolly play smt else. *cough* firefall *cough*

    • You have to keep in mind that this is an alpha build of the game. Not to mention it seems it’s a very small group of people making it, rather than a full company or owned by a company. You can’t expect it to be on par with everything else out right now. Their resources are most likely very limited and with it only being Alpha build you should always remember the common thing slapped on all Alpha and Beta builds.

      “What you see is /NOT/ the final product”

    • Because you should always look into the future and not the past/present? Plus, it’s post-apocalyptic. Why shouldn’t they? Their game. Their decision.

  6. Considering what we are looking at is an Alpha video…I have to admit the general idea of the game looks fun. I really do hope that the combat is looked at during it’s development, and hopefully we’ll see cities have uses like being fortresses. My only concern is how will cities be built? I don’t think they’d just allow anyone to go run outside and build a city, otherwise the gameworld would be too crowded…

    Regardless, I have my eye on this game.

  7. To hell with the freaking brown color ! Are todays designers freaking insane ? What is their malfunction to use so much freaking brown ?

    Deserts- Brown, Lush jungles- Brown, Caves- Brown, Cities- Gray

    Is that really the dominant color that awaits us in the future ?

  8. Too early to tell, but sounds like the sort of thing I would like, I’ll have to keep an eye on it.
    I must admit though, that while I found nothing bad in the trailer it didn’t put my jaw on the floor or shock me in anyway, hopefully its a bit more in-depth that what is seen here. Of course being pre-alpha means there is certainly time for improvement.


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