This may be because it’s kind of three games in one (one of those being B2P) but it appears Fortnite‘s got plenty going on right now. Over the past two days, Epic’s dropped six different posts ranging from the Battle Royale and Creative v17.20 update to a “Rainbow Royale” event and another Short Nite in Creative.

None of these (even the version update) are big news on their own and, in some cases, they even cross over. For instance, Epic announced that a new Arena Mode celebrating World Cup Solo Champ and content creator Bugha’s addition to the Icon Series will be available from now until July 28. On the 28th there will also be a Trios tournament.

As part of his inauguration to the Icon Series, a special Bugha Outfit, along with a Fortnite World Cup trophy (complete with pet pug Zoey) back accessory, and a special weapon and emote will be added to the game.

As for the Bugha’s Late Game Trios Tournament, Epic collaborated with the World Champ to curate inventories players will use. It should be noted that those wishing to participate will need at least 1500 Hype to be eligible.

The new version update also adds new preferred item slot preferences in the game tab of the settings menu. This will allow players to more easily control their loadout instead of forcing them to keep specific weapons in dictated slots.

On the Creative side of things, V17.20 adds a new Down But Not Out device that allows players to control the DBNO mechanic no matter what they’re doing. It also gives players access to a new flying saucer vehicle. This piece of machinery boasts four seats, a boost function, a tractor beam (that actually does pick things up), and an energy cannon. It wouldn’t be Fortnite without things that go “boom” or at least “pew pew”.

Additionally, another Short Nite is ready to take place — on July 23, in fact. Short Nite 2 will kick off at 2:00 pm Eastern in Party Royale. It will feature a bunch of animated shorts from promising creators, including the world premiere of the next episode of Gildedguy. If you can’t catch the original airing, Epic will continue to run the event until 2:00 pm on July 25.

Finally, Pride month may have ended with June, but apparently that doesn’t matter to Epic. They’ve announced Rainbow Royale, which is basically them giving away a whole bunch of rainbow-themed goodies for free in celebration of the LGBT+ community. These items can be found in the game’s shop. They’ve also brought over a few of the tracks that appeared in last month’s Love IZLV radio event in Rocket League.

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