Paragon is going through some interesting changes with the latest update. The Monolith update — which dropped today — adds a new map and revamps gameplay — taking a special look at the overall speed of gameplay.

To give players an idea of what they’re in for, the developers have created a special video highlighting some of the features and explaining what players should expect their first few times in the new-and-improved Paragon.

If you’d like to check out exactly what’s changed, Epic Games has a lovely set of patch notes available for you on the game’s site. One word of warning though… Even they admit they’re long. So I’d suggest grabbing a drink and a snack before settling in to read them.

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  1. The teamfights in this game feels lackluster… Then again, only very few teamfights happen due to dumb people being caught off alone.

  2. The game is cancer now so much for unique experience. 3/10
    the only updates it needed was a proper death count not the 2 minutes nope lets change the game from ground up i enjoyed slow tactical game now it just take melee champ rush in 30-0 my first game i picked the melee champ facerolled enemy team like its their first time playing. All in all trash game

    • Or maybe, it really was the first time they played since the update, i play as LT.Bellica a lot and i’m playing her even after the update and all i can tell you is: You only day if you’re back-paddling as now it reduces your movement speed.

      With all skills having way shorter CD, CC skills used by mages are way more effective when used in a defensive manner as well as movement skills like Gideon’s “Torn space” are way more efficient.

      Armor has been nerfed so no more insane snowballs from melee fighters and no more deathballs since there is no travel mode.

      All in all the game has improved a lot.


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