A few weeks ago, we chatted about TOME: Immortal Arena on an episode of the Free to Play Cast. Today, KIXEYE is now unleashing their entry into the MOBA market on Steam.

“Yay, another MOBA,” you say sarcastically, and yes, I say the same thing. To their credit though, KIXEYE is trying to put their own spin on the genre by scaling back on anything that doesn’t directly push the action. Matches are faster (usually 10-20 minutes) and item use on the fly makes the backtracking unnecessary. Will TOME grow into the next large scale MOBA? Well, adding your game to Steam certainly helps, and KIXEYE has done just that.

Starting now, you can boot up Steam and enter TOME for free. To celebrate the launch, a new 5v5 map called Sactuary” has been added. Play a few matches (tutorial required) and leave us some feedback below about the game.

And hey, if nothing else, TOME’s announcer is Bruce Campbell so they score a few points in my book just for that!

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  1. People don’t just criticize this game yet.It takes a lot of work and money to make games.This game is still in its early stage.Let this game show what it has to offer then judge it.But I agree with one thing that,companies should stop trying to copy dota 2 and LoL because it’s hopeless.They will never catch up to them.

  2. The game isn’t too bad. Matches last like 10 minutes, but everyone I ever get teamed with is a complete retard.

    It also takes like 500 battles just to be able to unlock another character. Pretty f****ing awful.

    It’s better than LoL or DOTA, gameplay wise, but yeah it’s no fun being forced to pay real money. It basically cuts out all the boring shit in casual MOBAs like LoL or DOTA have and it’s just 100% action. Nonstop action.

  3. Terrible config game, you can’t configure UI settings/videos, so u are forced to play at lowest config to have a better fps.(Btw i have a good pc).
    Commands:Sigh, it’s about spam skills
    Interface: Bad
    Shop:Poor design
    Most important, SERVER= LAG ….

    Ps:Game plus have a “VIP” System, so Pay to win Allowed (Ble$$ ftw).

    • TOME Arena at launch on stream: 4k viewers online
      Today:500 viewrs

      TOME Arena at launch on steam: 2k players online
      Today:700 players


  4. The game is a joke. Another retarded moba with that dota / lol retarded cam and controls. and another game where developers love those epilepsy effects. when you start attacking you just see some lights. pathetic. only good thing is that you heal and buy items in lane. and also there are no guns and you can not change hero gender. a ton of heros are girls so if you are sick this is a game ofr oy


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