Tree Of Savior Announces 'Exclusive' Founder's Server; Not All Players Are Pleased

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor

tree of savior

The English version of IMCgames' free-to-play MMO Tree of Savior is nearing release -- kind of. In an announcement that is raising some players' eyebrows, the developers revealed today that for the first three months after launch only founders will have access to the game.

When a player gains access to the game will depend on how much they have spent -- or not -- on the Founder's Packs. Prices for the packs range from $20 to $60, with the higher priced packs getting access to the game earlier. Founder access will kick off March 22nd for those who paid the $60 amount. Those who do not buy a pack will have to wait until June 19 for access.


According to the developers, the reason they've elected to have such a lengthy Founder's exclusive period is to prevent bot accounts from being able to access the game and disrupt the environment early on.

As expected, the announcement has players calling foul, with many suggesting a boycott of the game. Some point out that this move will simply fragment the player base while others wonder what the developers have in mind to keep the Founder's server from collapsing once more servers have been opened.

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Discussion (19)

Preciel 6 years ago
this is bullshit, people waited so long just to wait 3 more months or pay 50 dollars

Deathloche 6 years ago
I was on the fence about getting this I'm off that fence I'm not getting this game because the way they are milking the game. You basically gotta buy the 49.99 pack. fuck you

SuicideDog 6 years ago
And the open beta? Well... my hope now died. Fu*k u IMC )':

NGoHT 6 years ago
Kids mad once again, nothing new. Wanna jump on early? Good, pay for their hard work.
Who cares till its not p2w through the shop? Right no1, same goes to ur whines.

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Ghestly 6 years ago
Best part is that they have removed post about that "OBT coming soon". There were ppl who said that this "Exclusive access" is not OBT at all what they promised in now deleted post. This company simply destroys their reputation even before game is launched. I really wanted to play this game, but seems that w/o paying money i need to wait 3 months. If prices/items you get with pack/information was reasonable players would buy w/o any problem. This company lack communication with players.

ripimc 6 years ago
2nd cash grab, server transfers i bet! hahahahahaha

R1EMU tos project, yes bois its RO private servers all over again! its happening!

x4ever 6 years ago
Why didn't they just call it beta or early access or something along those lines like everybody else and just say (even though I find beta b2p models for so called f2p games irksome):
"The Game Launches in June, but if you want early access pay now"

I mean this is a marketing nightmare, but it's not hugely different from getting beta access to most f2p games nowadays. The time frame is longer than usual though since they won't be doing any wipes. I can't remember any game off hand that had 1 year or more beta that didn't do any wipes throughout so that's the only thing I would personally be concerned about.

PS. I'm not actually ever going to play this game, it doesn't look in anyway appealing to me, just saying.

Q 6 years ago
There's enough hype and popularity behind the game that having a founders server isn't going to fragment the playerbase. Few other games have done this with no real issue, having "premium" servers for paying customers/subscribers.

The article and news post itself never seemed to mention a founders exclusive server though, just in the title it says something about the server but makes no sense. From what they're saying founders are just getting a headstart which I don't see an issue with at all.

Kind of feels like there's a lot of miscommunication or misinformation spreading around, it's a lengthy headstart but still just a headstart. They will make new servers where everyone can start over anyway once it opens up to everyone else so I really don't get what all the anger is about.

Let the milking begin.

Rhylock 6 years ago
Just make a server where only founders can play with 100% increase exp, etc. Then after a few months open the server to the public. Than have normal servers for the rest of us. You still get your money and everyone is happy because they the rich people play with rich people and the poor people play with poor people. Simple and easy.

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Guest 6 years ago
Free to play and Buy to pay are both scam money. I don't think people use their brain anymore nowadays so let the developers keep Making money off of them to completely become broke. ( do not brother with any Company at all. Stay away from them.)

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backtoconsoles 6 years ago
Back to consoles people! its a scam! everything is a fricking scam! consoles or rip! PC is scam city!

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