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Changes are apparently in the works for Tree Of Savior’s Founder’s program, following concerns voiced by the game’s community. IMC Games introduced its plans for a 3-month head start (depending upon purchase) earlier this week, causing ire among players.

Today, IMC posted a brief statement on the forums, saying that the company has decided to adjust its plans for the Founders program.

Greetings Saviors!

We have been listening to all of your feedback about our sudden announcement. Taking your concerns and constructive feedback into consideration, we have decided to adjust some of our plans.

We will provide you with another announcement when final decisions are made as the details of the new plan are still under internal debate.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot address all of your questions at once and hope that you will work with us through to the launch of Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

More information on these changes will be available on the Tree of Savior forums.

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  1. There is nothing you guys can do as the community to win. You think you are winning but in reality you still lose. If the duration of founder OBT gets reduce they win. You pay same for less literally. They also get more ppl to pay initially. Over influx = instability cuz they aren’t going to compensate for it since most ppl will just leave in days/weeks after launch. There will be more problems. Many will complain. Few will be heard.
    They know about the gap between players beforehand. It was par se intended. No explanation needed. They are a company. You think they can miss such a simple flaw. They were just hoping the community wouldn’t figure out nor mind. They were almost correct. Most ppl don’t mind. But I guess subs wasn’t high enough or projected income has taken a risk due to outcry. So long as ppl continue to pay for CB/OB, we as the community will will never win.

  2. people do not act like sheep. just because they will ( maybe ) change their plans does not mean it is good. the would do a good job if they acctaly did something good for the players and not reverting back some bad decision.

    also this proves that they only care how to scam people and are now looking for a better way to do it

    • Too late. The fact that more and more Devs/Pubs do this is because people already buy into these schemes and will never learn. Easy cash for them.
      Why pay someone to test your game, when people will pay you to test them?

  3. Honestly, its not THAT bad of a founders model. I think people have just been waiting for the game for so long, that when it was announced, they where freaked out.

    • not THAT Bad?

      3 months headstart for an “OPEN BETA” game? haha, You seriously are a scum lad.

      They even had plans for new servers from the launch of f2p beta which may imply the founders will be left behind since most of sane minds wont join already a 3 months old server which may lead to a lot of more heat.

  4. It’s always good to see a developer listen to community feedback.

    Now we wait and see just how much they were able to gather from community feedback


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