You might think that with Christmas just behind us and New Years being just a few days away that most developers would have checked out for the week. But, it seems some devs are still busy at work — getting things ready for 2017. This appears to be the case at IMCGames, where they’ve been busy planning tweaks to the Tree of Savior’s class and skill system.

According to a recent update from the dev team, they’ve been monitoring feedback from players extensively and have come up with a set of goals to deal with ‘class disparity’ in the future. These goals have already been being worked on with the release of five different class patches and include:

  • Each class should have its own characteristics and roles.
  • Adjustments should be carefully planned to avoid one class dominating its rank or being left out, and to achieve a fairly equal distribution of classes in each rank.
  • Rather than letting one class become too good to the point of self-reliance, we should devise a plan to encourage different types of classes to work together and develop new play strategies.

The sixth and seventh patches are already in the works as well and will implement changes for the Barbarian, Rune Caster, Cannonneer, and Monk classes. These include things like making it easier for the Barbarian to use with other Swordsman skills and removing some of the restrictions on the Monk.

More fine details on plans for these four classes can be found on the Tree of Savior blog.

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  1. I might actually reinstall it. Game was definitely fun! Well, at least for some time, till it gets so grindy you end up levelling your class while dreaming:)


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