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If you’re a bot, or a gold seller, or anything like that, Tree of Savior wants you and everyone else to know that you’re bad and you should feel bad. So, much like those magazines that list all the arrests in a city every week, the ToS team is posting a list of names of everyone banned last week — as well as their crimes.

So far, the developer has listed 2000 out of the 3000 banees — a few hundred every day. (I’m not sure how much bots are going to care about being listed on a site, but if it works for them…)

Looking at the list it seems pretty unlikely that any of these aren’t legitimate, but if someone did manage to get caught in the sweep unintentionally, they’ll need to contact support to get it sorted out.

If you want a look at the ban lists, you can find them all on the Tree of Savior site.

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  1. and isn’t it only avaiable to founder’s pass members? Do they really have such a big problem with bots even before going truly F2P? Jeez I’m afraid what it’s gonna be on release

  2. Reminds me of Silkroad Online. Cool game at the begining just flooded with bots. They were posting banned bots names as well. Did absolutely nothing to solve the problem

  3. Yea i`m playing Tree of Savior with friend and bots not only grinding mobs and spaming chat, but they are lagging game. I don`t like how IMCgames handle bots right now, players are suffering more (restrictions etc) but bots still are everywhere. They are not solving problem but dealing with results of problems. But IMC have changed a lot, maintenances, updates, fixes so i have little hope. They said that one of this Exclusive Access point was not to let in bots, well day 2 and bots started to appear and on day 3 they were everywhere and they still are in.

  4. The point is it ruins the games fun, ruins the econmy of the game, and these instances intrupt game play if it is in the terms and it and it is an error sort it out, people boting or people not adhering to thses rules have what was amended and good job for this!


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