Tribal Wars’ most recent update adds a new Paladin system to the game in which players can recruit up to ten Paladins and level them up. The system will be activated in all upcoming worlds and will even allow players to specialize the Paladins for use either in battle or in the local village.

Based on what players want their Paladins to be doing, they can elect to level them using four different methods:

  • Combat — in which the Paladin earns XP whenever it attacks or defends a village
  • Support — gain XP by helping other villagers
  • Construction — hang out in the village during a whole construction process for a new building and get XP
  • Training — earn XP when sent away to train

Upon reaching new levels, the Paladin gets a skill book which is used to progress through the Paladin’s skill tree. This will likely total out to 29 skills as Paladin levels max out at 30. Full details on Paladin leveling and skills are available on the Tribal Wars site.

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