Less than a year after Hi-Rez announced the return of Tribes Ascend with the “Out of the Blue” patch, the game’s final patch has been released. Titled “Parting Gifts,” the update implements a bunch of technical fixes and makes the patcher stand-alone.

This patch follows Creative Director Sean McBride announcing his departure from the company, stating that he and Hi-Rez are “not aligned” at this time. For the time being, Hi-Rez does plan to continue supporting the game with live servers and bug and balance fixes as needed.

Those interested in seeing the changes made in the game’s final update can read the Google.doc changelog.

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  1. Skato on October 2, 2016

    I think half my brain cells just died reading all of these comments. ^
    MMOBOMB has some of the most intelligent followers I have ever seen. hahahahaha XD

  2. SethEyes on October 1, 2016

    is that hard to another company create another tribes online with all the tribes istead of only blood eagle and diamond sword?(i dont think so) because as far as I know the original tribes existed more than two tribes,unfortunately hi-rez is not a fancy company they barely update tribes ascend they is like ”uptade now and who knows when they will update again?” for me the best games they made it was global agenda and tribes ascend. i hope someday one company create another tribes online or take the tribes ascend and make it better.

  3. ASD on September 30, 2016

    Hir-ez is a stupid developer. I looked into their games I tried to download them couldn’t get them to work but I looked up the playthroughs but they don’t even look good in quality but smite looked decent enough I guess if your a moba fan which I’m not. All I’m trying to say is they can’t make seem to make original games games like paladins looks alot like overwatch. But I know I’m not gonna play on their crappy games.

    • ZMemme on September 30, 2016

      I’m not a fan of MOBA too but I really like SMITE. And you say they can’t make original games when you haven’t even played a single one. Their games are all original with the exception of Paladins. You talk without fundament dude, that’s the only stupid thing here.

      • HiMaster on September 30, 2016

        I assume by your butthurt post that you work for them or that you are just some pathetic little kid to dumb to see how bad they are. smite is garbage just like everything else they touch.
        now be quiet.

        • zabi on October 1, 2016

          Dude smite was good, its just old and tired now. Sounds like u sucked hard at smite.

          • Bungalo on October 4, 2016

            omg you have no idea. he was sooo bad. Now if anyone says he was good then you obviously dont work for the company. We company folks are here to read and post shit to this mmobomb here becuase we dont have jobs to do. lol

          • Bungalo on October 4, 2016

            plus were all like super butthurt

  4. CLONE on September 30, 2016

    Hirez have gone to shit. They cant create or uphold good quality in their games.

  5. trionisshit on September 30, 2016

    Fu c k this supe s hh it, flight simulator, jump and camp neverending, so shit game was dead so many times, why they revive this poop no clue, hi rez ur games after global agenda is shit for brainless people.

    • volfie on September 30, 2016

      You are more the S,H,I,T, brine-less F,U,C,K!.. Why even Coment on this post.. Tribes Ascend R.I.P was good game back in 2009 naw its just to far behinde.

    • cacalips on September 30, 2016

      Agreed. Hirez are idiots. Global Agenda was rescuable but they let it die. They announced that they would created Global Agenda 2 whch was going to be a Global Agenda 1’s PvP…that is right, just the PvP gutted out and recreated into an entire game. But SMITE came up and took off (they actually almost scrapped SMITE). Got popular, and they never touched global Agenda. Tribes was good with POTENTIAL, but again, they let it die. I even watched their official stream channel and watch them give hacks to players. I uninstalled never went back. I am enjoying Paladins as a casual shooter, but it too is barely put together, has issues, and treated like a side kick project. They need to shut down several prjects, excel in some or excel in all. Just crooks popping out titles and profiting.