NHN Corporation announced that Trinity 2, a new 3D side-scrolling action title for PC, will be part of the exciting lineup of games being shown by NHN at Gamescom in Cologne this year. Along with the AAA MMO ASTA (formerly known as Project E:st). Trinity 2 will be presented and playable in NHN’s media booth in Hall 4.1, Aisle D No,014from 17 – 19 August. Key members of the development team will also be on hand to discuss the game’s strategic elements, skill-based character growth and other features of Trinity 2 that offer an engaging experience for players and make the game a standout within the action genre.

Trinity 2 is a 3D side-scrolling online action RPG that combines dynamic action with a vibrant, finely-detailed high-tech and fantasy hybrid theme. Characters are highly customizable and can evolve into one of twelve specialized class paths, with access to a wide range of hybrid skills available for unleashing a variety of impressive attacks. With extensive PvE content, competitive PvP and strategically challenging playing fields throughout, Trinity 2 should be on the radar for all fans of action games.

More details will be released about the game in the future.


  1. I remember hearing about the first Trinity about a year ago but I could never find any website for the it (I guess it got shut down?) so I’m glad to see they’re making a second game.


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